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My heart knows on zee world, Sunday 7th August 2022 update

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Episode starts with Sarthak telling Malhar that Kalyani and Atharv are together, says he means Sampada and Atharv are together. Malhar asks him not to worry. Sarthak says kawach will come tomorrow, but you have to take care of yourself. He says Atharv has become more dangerous after Sampada became ghost. Someone is throwing a big stone from the terrace on Malhar. Sarthak asks Malhar to stay away from Kalyani as we don’t know when she is Sampada and when she is Kalyani.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

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Malhar says I can’t stay away from Kalyani fearing this, she needs me. Anupriya comes there and saves Malhar at the right time, seeing the falling stone. Sarthak runs to terrace, but don’t find anyone. Avni comes there and thinks to find out, who wants to kill Malhar. She thinks Atharv didn’t tell me. Kalyani comes to the hall and asks why everyone are looking tensed and asks did I do anything. Avni asks if she acts or deliberately do this, and says just sometime back you wanted to kill Malhar.

Kalyani asks Avni what is she saying and asks Malhar if she is fine. Avni asks Malhar to leave Kalyani and save his life. She asks Kalyani if she is mad. Anupriya asks Avni to go out of the hall. Sarthak thinks Malhar’s life is in danger. Malhar takes Kalyani to room. Kalyani asks what did I do? She tells that she will kill herself for his safety and tries to stab herself, but Malhar stops her and shouts. Kalyani asks him to agree to Atharv and send to mental asylum for everyone’s safety.

Malhar hugs her and tells that everything will be fine. Atharv sees them and thinks Kalyani is mad. Moksh comes out of the house. Atharv asks why don’t you talk to me. Moksh says Meena Kumari Aai told me that you hurts everyone. Atharv thinks to tell Moksh later that he is his father.

Malhar asks Kalyani what she was saying and hugs her. Song plays…Moksh says they are looking like picture hero and heroine, takatak……He tells that he was scared and didn’t know that she took gun to make the thieves go. Kalyani says gun. Malhar says Moksh has became a bad boy and didn’t study when you was unwell. Moksh says he used to study with Godaveri Tai daily, and reads Twinkle Twinkle little star poem. He asks malhar if he knows English poem. Kalyani asks him to say and says if you are not saying then this means you don’t know. Malhar tells the poem in English and hindi mix. Kalyani laughs. Malhar gets angry.

Sarthak tells Anupriya that for the time being, Malhar shall stay away from Kalyani in another room, as his life is in danger. Anupriya says I know Malhar will never leave Kalyani in any circumstances and says she must have done something good that she got such a loving husband. Sarthak says Anupriya. Anupriya says just talk to me about the case and nothing else. Avni says which case and asks Sarthak not to see big dreams, as he is going to jail very soon and will have rotis there.

Malhar comes to room and sees Kalyani breaking her bangles and hurting herself. He realizes she is Sampada and tries to stop her. Sampada hurts Kalyani’s hand and goes out of body. Kalyani asks what happened to my hand, it is burning. Sampada again gets inside her and injures Malhar’s hand. She then goes out. Kalyani faints. Malhar takes her to bed and applies balm on her hand. Avni sees and thinks she shall go away from here, else Kalyani/Sampada will be behind her.

Anupriya says the video was fake which Avni made, but we have to get some proofs. Sarthak says the time which is shown on the video, that time I was talking to someone on phone. Anupriya asks him to check with whom he was talking to? Sarthak checks and finds that the phone is not his.

Sampada comes to Atharv’s room wearing red saree and asks him if he is upset with him. Atharv says no. Sampada ties his hand with chain and asks if he forgot about their old game. She asks him to wait for the surprise. She goes out of the house in night and comes to a secret room, where there are many cupboards. Kalyani moves the curtain and finds Sampada standing wearing red saree, similar to her.

Kalyani seeing Sampada in the secret room. Malhar comes to the room and says Kalyani….Kalyani says we both are mothers, two sides of a coin and sisters. Sampada says we are one, like body with soul, day with night and likewise you have to fulfill my every dream. She says you have to live like Sampada only. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani is missing. He asks where is Kaka? Godaveri says I saw Atharv tied to the bed. Aao Saheb says it means Sampada is not listening to Atharv. Kalyani says you are my sister and we will never separate from here on. They walk towards each other and holds their hands. Kalyani says when the sisters are together then nobody can defeat us. Sampada comes out of the frame. Kalyani hugs her. They cry and get emotional. Malhar tells Pawar that nothing shall happen to Kalyani. Aao Saheb tells Pandit ji that Kalyani is missing, don’t know where Sampada took her. Avni hears her. Kalyani asks Sampada if she is fine. Sampada says yes, I am fine. Kalyani says I know it is not easy to stay here. Sampada says whatever we have done is for our son, Moksh. Kalyani says if you had not helped me, then Atharv would have snatched my son from me. Sampada thanks Kalyani for giving her a chance, even after doing so much bad to her. She tells that now she knows that even though she has given him birth, but you are Moksh’s Aai. She tells that she didn’t realize this that day. A fb is shown, Sampada blames Kalyani for snatching Moksh and Malhar. Kalyani makes her realize that if Atharv snatches Moksh then what will he do with him. She says he didn’t want to snatch him as he loves him or because he is her father, but to hurt him. She says if he leaves him in orphanage or get him involved in the illegal activities. Fb ends. Sampada thanks Kalyani for making her realize her love for Moksh. She says I can’t do what you are doing and becoming Sampada and hurting family members. Malhar searches Kalyani.

Avni comes to Atharv’s room. He asks him to open his hand cuff. Avni couldn’t open it. She goes. Sampada says until Atharv’s focus will be on Malhar and you, till then he will be away from Moksh. Avni brings Axe and is about to hit the chain with it. She frees his hand. Atharv says I will go and search Sampada/Kalyani.

Aao Saheb takes Pandit ji to the storeroom where Sampada died. Pandit ji asks her to leave her alone. Sarthak and Anupriya come to the place and try to enquire about Hari, whom Sarthak had talked that day. They come to know that his phone is stolen. Malhar searches Kalyani desperately and gets sad. Someone jumps down in the secret room. Kalyani and Sampada thanks him. Kalyani thanks him for supporting them and making everyone believe that Sampada’s soul is in her. Pandit ji appreciates her and asks how did they manage? Kalyani says someone has helped us in this plan. Door is knocked. Kalyani opens the door and finds Pawar there. She closes the door.

Pawar says he came here hiding from Malhar and says he is searching her desperately. Kalyani tells Pandit ji that Pawar kaka is helping us. Pandit ji asks why didn’t you tell Malhar. Kalyani says Malhar ji will never agree to the drama as he wanted to fight with him straightly, but Atharv is a complicated man. She says she didn’t tell Anupriya, Aao Saheb and others. She says we have done so much acting.

She says that day we fought and planned this. She says she had hidden Sampada here and left her fake dead burnt body here. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.