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“My elder sister married my ex-boyfriend so I got pregnant for him as payback” – Ghanaian lady reveals (video)

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In another episode of TikTok stories, a Ghanaian lady has narrated how she intentionally got pregnant for her sister’s husband out of revenge.
Speaking in a viral video, the lady said she first dated the man, identified simply as Mike, before her sister snatched him in a deceptive manner.
She said she had a misunderstanding with Mike while they were still dating, and told her sister to speak to him on her behalf because he refused to answer her calls.
However, when her sister returned from mediating the issue, she advised her to forget about Mike because he had been rude to her. Not long after, Mike also officially ended their relationship.
 Ghanaian lady reveals
She however received a rude shock few years later when she discovered that her sister was getting married to the same Mike.
She said she bottled up her rage for months before hatching the ‘perfect’ revenge plan to get back at her sister.
According to her, she feigned a cordial relationship with her sister in order to re-enter her life. When she had warmed her way into her heart, she visited her sister’s home when she was out of home and seduced her husband, which resulted in her pregnancy.
“It’s been three months now and I’m pregnant how do you suggest we break the news?” she asked.
Watch her speak below,

The narrator however added a disclaimer. See below,
My elder sister married my ex boyfriend so I got pregnant