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Man narrates how he ended up marrying a lady who always flaunts her boyfriend online

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A young Nigerian man, identified as Mai Daraja, has narrated how he won the heart of a lady who always flaunts her boyfriend on social media.
Mai, who tied the knot with his beau Maryam recently, revealed that they met on Facebook and moved their conversation to WhatsApp.
However, he noticed that Maryam often posted about her then-boyfriend on her status, using endearing captions like ‘half of my life’.
Knowing that he was interested in her, he expressed his feelings and appealed to her to give him half the attention that she gave her boyfriend.
Man narrate
Surprisingly, Maryam agreed to this request, and from that point on, their relationship grew and they are now happily married.
Mai shared their wedding photo and wrote,
“I met this girl on Facebook before we moved to WhatsApp. Her name is Maryam and she always wants to post about her boyfriend. She literally calls him “Nisful-Hayat” meaning “Half of My Life” in English and “Rabin Raina” in Hausa.
I requested for her love (in a jest) and she rejected it instantly because of him. I termed her reaction as “Unfair” because she didn’t even give a chance to other people except him, so I dared her to give me half the chance she gave him if she’s fair enough.
She asked me how? And there where I told her; “Since he’s Rabin Ranki (RR), allow me to become Rabin Rabin Ranki (RRR). And she jokingly agreed.😅”
See below,
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