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Lady pulls down parents mud house, builds them an apartment years after working as a maid

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A young woman who worked as a maid for years has made her parents happy by building them an apartment.
The young woman, who worked as a house girl and security guard, posted pictures of the apartment she had just built for her parents on her Tiktok account.
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She claimed that through her work as a maid, she was able to accumulate money for her parents’ construction project.
Sharing the video on her Tiktok page, the lady wrote;
“I built this thatched house for my parents when I was working as a house help. Then built this when I was a security guard. Got a good job and helped my parents educate my siblings.
Then I met my forever love who helped me build this amazing house for my parents. It has always been my dream to change the lifestyle of my parents. Thank God I didn’t give up on this dream. I am living proof that God works in mysterious ways.”
Watch the video below,