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I’m On The Edge ZeeWorld, Friday 29th July 2022 update

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Urmi says to Masa what if Adhi makes her his wife? Masa says that would never happen.
Adhi is going out at night. Masa says where are you going? She is sitting in ground as a beggar. Adhi says what is this? She says last time we trusted a chauhan we were in this condition. You are trusting their daughter now. Adhi says I don’t trust her at all. Masa says you can forget that time I cant time.

I’m On The Edge
I’m On The Edge

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There was no one to pick your dad’s funeral. Adhi says I remember everything. I remember what happened to dad. I can do anything for you. Masa says then prove it that her beauty can’t do any magic. Adhi says tell me what to do.

Massa says give her a stain. Tell them messing with us can be dangerous. She gives him a burning skewer and asks her to burn Devi.

Adhi is dazed.
Kesar comes to Devi lets go from here. I overheard Adhi and Masa talking. She wants him to burn you. Devi is shocked. Kesar says he is coming. He wants to give you mark of animosity.
Masa says what are you thinking? You can’t do this right? GO to your wife. Adhi recalls his father’s death. He picks the skewer. Devi says he is my husband. I know he has heart and he can never do this. He never hurt me physically before. Kesar says masa has provoked him. Please go from here.
Devi says I know he brought me here as a servant but i have seen humanity in his eyes. I know he doesn’t hate me enough. Adhi is coming there. Kesar says please try to understand. Devi says there is a human in him. I know he won’t hurt me. Go to your room. I know he won’t do any such thing. Today is test of my belief.

Scene 2
Adhi comes there. Devi looks at the burning skewer in his hand. Devi sits down and sleeps. Adhi comes towards her with the burning skewer. He recalls everything she said. How she saved his life so many times. Adhi comes close to burn her. The skewer falls from his hand and he steps back. Adhi recalls what Masa said. He recalls his father’s death. Adhi picks the skewer and burns Devi’s back. She screams.

Bharat wakes up and says Devi is in trouble. Ambika says she is fine don’t worry. Bharat says I am really worried for her. Ambika says calm down.
Devi is crying and screaming with pain.
Masa says urmi give sweets in whole Sujhangarh. He is my son. Go and see how she is.

Urmi comes to devi. She is crying and screaming with pain. Her back is burned. Adhi comes to his room upset. Masa is there. She says well done. Devi is screaming.

Urmi comes to see Devi. She is sitting there and crying. Urmi sits down and says says does it hurt? So bad. Looks so deep. Told you he would ruin your life.
Adhi comes to his room angry. He breaks things and says why did I do this. God never harms his people then why he made me do this. Why did God made me do this. I did this sin. That girl always prayed from you and does your pooja all the time. This is how you paid her God? This is my sin. He breaks stuff in anger. He says that girl thought I was a monster but now I also think I am a monster.

Devi is crying in pain. Adhi burns his own back too. Kesar is taking meds towards Devi’s room. Urmi says where are you taking it? You know if you help her masa would do the same with you. Don’t go to help

Kesar says i don’t know how to help her. Adhi comes to her.
Kesar comes to Devi and swipes her tears. Devi says why you came here go from here what if they see you. Kesar says apply this med. Your pain would reduce. She says he gave it? Take it back. I don’t want it. First he gave me pain and now showing his greatness.
I would rather be in pain. Sh says I was wrong I thought there in an animal in him. I am not an idiot. This med can’t find the wound on heart.

Adhi is talking on call. His back hurts. Kesar comes and says she said she won’t take it.
Adhi takes the med and goes towards store. Devi recalls her time with her family. She says I wish I could go back to my family. Adhi comes there. Devi swipes her tears. She says what new pain is he here to give? Adhi says I told you you wont be welcomed in this house. You came here yourself. Why did you. I gave this med for you and you returned it. He leaves it here and goes.
Masa says you proved you are my son. Why are you worried? he says nothing work. She says you have my prayers with you. He says and my deeds too. We are paid for our sins. Masa says what are you saying? Adhi leaves.

Masa comes to devi with Urmi. She says how do you feel now? You can’t take my son from me. This stain will be with you forever. This fear should never go from your face. Why did he leave your face. He left it for us I guess.

Urmi comes to Devi and ties her hand. Urmi says lets celebrate diwali with fire crackers. She places a firecracker near her face. Diwali says lets celebrate. when the candle blows your face will blow with this fire cracker. Devi is crying.
Adhi is angry and agitated in his office.
Saradh says why do you look so tensed? Adhi thinks about what he did.
Devi says please don’t do this. She is crying and sobbing.
SAradh says we are about to win the case. Why you look tensed. He gets a call. He is dazed. He says we lost. Saradh says how can we lose? Adhi calls masa. He says I wanted to ask about the house. Masa says I am here to handle everything,.

Devi says please let me ouut. Bharat says I am really worried for Devi. Please call her and as how she is. They call her but can’t pick,. Ambika calls again. Masa comes and picks the firecracker. She says your fear is my win. you are scared and I won. Can’t ruin my house for you. Kesar comes and releases her. She says I am so sorry I couldn’t save you. Devi is crying. Kesa says I told you go from here. Kesar says please go from here. you don’t deserve to be here. They will ruin your life like mine.

Kesar comes out and calls Bharat. She says this is me Kesar.. Bharat says is devi okay. Kesar says no she ins’t okay. She cuts the call. Bharat says I am going to pick her. She can’t stay in that hell. Ambika says devi won’t live there anymore. But you can’t go there.
DEvi says to Kesar I can’t give up. I came here with a hope. You have a hope from me and I wont let you down. My Kishu has hope in life. I wanna tell her we can make life beautiful.
I will not forgive Adhi.

Adhi breaks stuff in anger. Devi says I have hope and that wont go away. We can’t leave our dreams amid. Kesar says you are so brave. Adhi signs some papers. He recalls Devi treated Masa from the pen. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.