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“I feel as if I have been given a space in paradise” – Man who married two wives same day in Niger state

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The young man, Umar Sani who married two wives on the same day in Niger State, has revealed he feels like he is in paradise.
Recall that Mr. Sani married Safina and Maryam on Friday, March 3, 2023, in Minna.
I feel as if I have been given a space
The delighted groom told Tsalle Dayya, an online publication located in Minna, that his new wives are understanding.
“I feel as if I have been given a space in paradise, I’m extremely grateful to Allah and my joy is immeasurable. I thank God I’m happily married to two brides. Both of them are understanding, and I’m grateful for that. A lot of people have thought there would be issues from either of them, but God in his wisdom has made things perfect,” he said.
Mr. Umar stated that his choice was influenced by his upbringing in a polygamous household.
“Since I was 10, I saw my father having four wives and I saw the way they lived peacefully. I made a promise to myself that I would marry more than one wife if I had my way, or marry three or four same day,”
He claimed that although his parents were shocked by the choice, they never forbade him from pursuing his goals.
“My parents were surprised because even my father didn’t marry two wives on the same day. But they didn’t oppose it. The most important thing for us right now is to have a peaceful home,” he added.