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Electoral Act: NASS must act without delay, veto Buhari’s decision – Saraki

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Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has urged the National Assembly to act fast and sign the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill into law.

Saraki urged the National Assembly to either remove the contentious part of the bill or veto Buhari’s decision.

In a statement he signed, the former Senate President said Nigerians need a new electoral law that would ensure a credible election in the country.

According to Saraki: “Now that Mr. President has conveyed his decision to decline assent to the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, I am sure that I speak on behalf of millions of Nigerians in urging the National Assembly to act fast.

“At this point, two options are open to the National Assembly. They either veto the president’s decline of assent or remove the contentious provision on direct primaries and send it back to the president for his assent.

“Whichever option, our legislators choose, can be accomplished in the shortest possible time. We could have a new electoral law in January 2022.

“Anyone that has been following the mood of the nation knows that Nigerians desire to have a new electoral law that will lead to having a credible, free, fair, and peaceful process of electing our leaders.”

Saraki stressed that Nigerians are yearning for a system that will ensure that their votes count in deciding their leaders.

“Our legislators in both chambers of the National Assembly and Mr. President must ensure that it becomes a law without delay,” he added.