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Dybala to be dropped from Juventus’ Champions League squad

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Juventus manager, Maurizio Sarri, has suggested Paulo Dybala could miss out on selection for Champions League squad, Sky Sports reports.

Dybala held talks with Manchester United and Tottenham over a move this summer, but remains in Turin after the Premier League transfer window closed on Thursday.

But Sarri says the Argentine could be forced to leave the club, as they struggle to meet Champions League squad size limits.

UEFA requires teams to name no more than 25 players in their Champions League squad, including at least two goalkeepers.

Clubs must also have at least four players developed at their club and eight developed in the country as part of the 25-man squad, something Sarri says is causing Juve problems.

He said: “I could talk to him, but if the market goes a certain way then what I say counts for nothing, because in the end we need to cut six players.

“This will also depend on who will receive huge market requests, it won’t be just a matter of choice.

“Obviously I would like to keep them all. Our big problem is that we don’t have players who grew up in this club. We only have one player who grew up in the club.

“Our Champions League roster will be made of 22 players, with three goalkeepers. This puts us in a difficult position, the market might force us to make choices we might not really want to make.”