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“Anniversary plans ruined” – Lady cries bitterly as her UK Visa to visit boyfriend gets denied (Video)

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A lady identified as Cherry has taken to social media to tearfully recount her devastating experience of being denied a UK visa.
The lady poured out her pain and disappointment in a video as she explained how the incident ruined her anniversary plans with her boyfriend.
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According to her, she had carefully prepared for a trip to the UK to commemorate her anniversary with her lover, but her hopes were dashed when her visa application was denied.
The distraught woman was unable to contain her emotions as she told her story, eliciting an outpouring of compassion and support from netizens.
Read some comments as you scroll,
@Nana said; “OMG I hope I don’t get to experience this in Nov.”
@lizz_lizzo said; “Happened to me too in July but we don’t stop trying. We try again and again.”
@Nyambu_muhia said; “You are not alone, I have applied twice while am being denied. I am trying something tomorrow with the lawyers I hope it works out.”
@Lydiah said; “Same I was denied a visit visa too, but now planning for marriage in my country of residence!”
@Wambui Immigration Consultancy reacted; “I wish I had worked on that case. If you have all documents I think you have a very good chance at getting it approved. Sorry about the denial.”
Watch the video below,