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Abroad-based woman in tears after seeing video of her child looking tattered despite sending upkeep money monthly

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A woman living abroad has broken down in tears after watching a video of her child in poor condition despite sending monthly support.
The woman said that she had left her child in the care of family members in order to seek out better opportunities in Saudi Arabia.
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The mother claims that she sends money to her family on a regular basis so they can care for her child, but to her complete surprise, one of her neighbors sent her a video depicting the youngster’s current condition.
The kid appeared unclean and unwell in the video.
Crying in a Tiktok video she wrote,
“Imagine every month sending money for caring your kids and neighbors to send such a video when you are here in Saudi Arabia suffering day and night in order for your kids to look good.”
Watch the video below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has recounted how he almost agreed to sleep with his male friend due to a desperate financial situation.
The man, who goes by the handle @_BobMfonmma, took to Twitter to reveal that he was in dire need of N300,000 in 2021 and needed urgent financial assistance.
According to him, he approached a wealthy friend who allegedly proposed a sexual encounter in return for the requested amount.
The young man said he considered the offer initially, but ultimately decided against it as he realized he couldn’t compromise his values by trading his body for the paltry sum of N300,000.