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8 years of lies, deception and heartache – Singer Neyo’s wife, Crystal Smith announces the end of their marriage

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American singer, Neyo’s wife, Crystal Renay Smith, has taken to Instagram to announce the end of their 6 year marriage, in a scathing statement where she stated that Neyo cheated on her with numerous women who sold their bodies to him and that he had unprotected sex with the women during their 8 years together as a couple.

In her post on Saturday, July 30, Crystal called Neyo a narcissist and asked people to stop sending her videos of him cheating as it no longer concerns her. 

She said apart from her children, she got nothing from the marriage other than wasted years and heartache and was done pretending everything is fine.


Crystal and Neyo began dating in 2014, and married in 2016. In 2020, he announced that they were getting a divorce but later reconciled and went on to have another baby. In April 2022, they renewed their wedding vows.. and just three months later, the marriage is over.

The couple share three children together.