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Meet in love zee world, Saturday 25th June 2022 update

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Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that mom insulted you a lot but still you saved me from goons for that we need to say thanks but we all insulted you. Meet Ahlawat try yo join his hands. Meet says what are you doing doctor said no to move your hand first get well then I’ll ask you to do things and what happen if Babita scolded me Amma and Mom also scolds me and Amma scolds me very badly, if she scolded then what should I leave and you also said me not to show your face, these relations are built with lots of efforts and I’m very stubborn in these relations I don’t leave easily.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Raj says to Meet you can change whatever you want but don’t change your heart and why of thinking just be what you are. Nurse walks in and says someone has to be there with patient everytime so tell me who will be there so that I can explain him about the dosage of medicine. Raj says she is Meet patients wife she will take care. Babita says I’m patient’s mom I’ll look after. Nurse says okay I’ll explain it and listen carefully and explain everything. Babita ask Chhavi what all exercises she told. Ragini says she told this much I don’t remember everything I’ll go and ask. Meet says no I recorded every instructions I’ll send it to all. Ragini says good.

Kunal doing exercises. Manushi sitting over him says hiw romantic I had dream to do couple workout very exciting. Kunal says yes very exciting now get down if Mom and Dadi see us will make issue of it. Manushi says relax they went to temple so you carry on. Kunal start doing and Manushi count and he stop at 3, she says the is best chance for us I’ll go and take shower then we will have breakfast then go out. Kunal says good idea and she leaves, he says till the time she take shower I’ll steal her jewellery.

Ragini and Manushi help Meet Ahlawat to lie down in bed, Chhavi helping too. Ragini ask Babita to go and take rest you are not well. Babita says I’m all good, I know you all will take good care of him but I hired a professional Nurse for him as they take good care in hospital. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita I’m okay. Chhavi says why did you hired nurse when I’m here to help him. Meet Ahlawat says to Chhavi thanks for your concern but Nurse will be good I’ll be able to manage. Babita says yes Nurse are professional it will be easy for her. Meet walks in with trolley. Babita thinks its nurse but says it’s you. Everyone look at her trolly. Babita ask where is Nurse. Babita says why who will look after him and please don’t says you will look after him my son need a professional Nurse to look after him 24 hours. Meet says I know I’m not professional but this trolley is professional look it got everything and remember how Goons beat him and says they chocked him badly so this hot water will help him to get relief, although injury dosent know if a Nurse is treating or a wife, I use to take care if Dadi too easily I don’t stop till someone is all fine don’t worry I talked to Nurse and learnt everything, a family member can take good care then outsider. Ragini says to Babita Meet is right give her one chance. Babita says then who will do your job. Meet says I already took holiday it’s not that important. Babita says keep one thing in mind my son is my life if he is in trouble so am I, keep one thing in mind he should not shout in pain. Meet says don’t worry I’ll handle. Babita says thanks to Meet and says to Ragini and Chhavi yo leave. They all leave. Ragini says take care

Kunal looking for jewellery in cupboard, he keep it in bad. Manushi from behind ask what are you doing Kunal, walks to him and sayd I cannot think in dream you could do this. Kunal says many robbery are happening in Shahbadh so I was keeping them in safe place. Manushi says so what you thought you could steal my jewellery. Kunal thinks she caught me it’s time to run. Manushi laugh and says you must say I’m smart I already kept all jewellery out of these box somewhere safe that nobody could reach and show him empty box. Kinal thinks she is smart. Manushi says you were feeling alone that’s why you came in and says now leave. Kunal thinks I thought she was stupid but she I turn out to be stupid, I have to play my card smartly.

Kaka walks in with two water bucket he keeps it and leave. Meet keep chair near bucket and ask Meet Ahlawat to sit. Meet Ahlawat says you don’t need to worry I can do sponging with one hand. Meet says no need yo be stubborn scolds him and says I’ll do. Meet Ahlawat says I can do it from one hand. Meet says okay then do it and says that bucket has soap water and other one have only water and leaves. Meet Ahlawat try to unbutton him but couldn’t. Meet watching him from outside and says why are you facing trouble how can you take bath when couldn’t open a shirt. Meet Ahlawat says you didn’t go. Meet says I you are hurt but I can feel pain, I mean I know how these injuries react they need proper care and ask him to get up.

Meet Ahlawat gets out of bed and sit on chair. Meet helps him to take off his shirt. Chhavi outside seeing everything. Meet wipes him with sponge. Chhavi says I this can’t be happen I need to tell this to Masum they are getting close Meet try to cook for Meet Ahlawat with Duggu. Meet unable to manage in kitchen. Duggu making fun of her. Babita catches one onion and ask Meet what is going on. Duggu says Meet is trying to make soup for Meet Ahlawat. Babita says I can see that and where is cook. Meet says they went to market. Babita says so you want to harm my son don’t know how to do and says shift I’ll cook. Meet says this is good mom’s hand food is good medicine for recovery. Babita says but wife should cook for her husband so that your husband do not miss his mom, I also use to cook for my husband every women should know how to cook and start cooking food. Duggu cheers her. Babita says if you really want to cook for my son first learn then cook for him, takes it carefully its hot.

Chhavi gets pizza for Meet. Meet Ahlawat gets excited and says put extra oregano. Meet walks in and says its not picnic doctor said no for junk food, I brought healthy food for you home cook. Chhavi says Meet Ahlawat was hungry so I ordered for him but how would you know, you were out somewhere and says to Meet Ahlawat I ordered food from both of my hands for you. Meet try to hold her. Chhavi says don’t take tension I’ll stand and says you hurt a lot many time. Meet says good and take your pizza either eat it or give it yo poor kids and no need to worry about him his wife is here.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet sleeping. Meet Ahlawat playing recording of snoring and thinks its too loud means she is in deep sleep and gets out of bed and realises his leg is tied to a duppata turns around and finds Meet staring at him holding the other end she ask where too and switch on light. Meet Ahlawat says washroom and why did you tie me. Meet says so then you don’t go on walk wait I’ll open for washroom. Mest Ahlawat thinks I was playing loud noise of snoring so she could go to sleep but she didn’t, uahwv to plan something else to go out. Meet says what are you staring go. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to go. Meet says so confused you are now let me tie again. Meet Ahlawat says you will not tie I feel itching, you ties it that’s why I wake up or else I was asleep. Meet says whenever you want I’ll open it but I’ll not take risk now go to bed. Meet Ahlawat lie down and she tie him again. Meet Ahlawat thinks now I have to think something to send her out of room only then I can leave. Meet switch off light, stare at him. Meet Ahlawat says if you will stare I cannot go to sleep so go now.

Kunal go to store room and see its locked says why is it locked everyone is in there room now where I’ll sleep. Anubha stand behind him and says this room was packed so need to lock it afterall counts of thief’s has increased in Shahbadh, you can sleep in varanda here bedsheet for you and leaves. Kunal says she definitely hates me, she sent me from store room to varanda next will be outside the house, I quickly need to steal her jewellery and leave.

Meet Ahlawat put water in pot and says listen if you aren’t sleep can bring water for me it’s empty. Meet get’s out if bed check the bottle. Meet Ahlawat says listen I want to sleep peacefully so I’ll be fully covering myself. Meet says is it. Meet Ahlawat yes. Meet says okay and leave. Meet Ahlawat cover himself and count till 5 says she might have gone it’s time to leave, puts pillow under his blanket. Meet walks in and says tell what important work it is. Meet Ahlawat says nothing important I was getting bore so thought of going on walk. Meet says so you want to put water in pot and use pillow as disguise and go on walk, no there must be a reason you did all these things so tell why you did. Meet Ahlawat ignore her. Meet says okay I’ll tell auntyji if you are not saying anything. MEET Ahlawat says its very important and don’t want anybody should know it will be between you and me and tells her.

Amma feeling could. Anubha gets her warm turmeric milk says it’s good in winter have it and says I cannot understand Manushi don’t know what she want from het life. Amma says I cannot have it, its bitter. Anubha says Amma please do not trouble you have to drink and already Parth is another tension for me, I booked his ticket but he came back, Manushi is looking after him, how much I know her she don’t do anything for free don’t know what is she hiding. Amma says you are right I also don’t like that bor need to do something. Anubha says I have a plan let’s send Manushi to Delhi, my friend Mamta own a salon there, working with her will help Manushi. Amma says I’ll go with her. Anubha says that’s a very good idea. Anubha says I’ll make arrangements.

Meet Ahlawat says in every month of 20 I go donate clothes food for the needy in name of Tej Veerji, so that he returns home safely. Meet says why hide such good work. Meet Ahlawat says it was an oath I had taken and you know this is my thing with my god nobody knows about this in house. Meet says I have order from auntyji that you should face no discomfort but to help you how about I go. Meet Ahlawat says no this is my thing and I have to only go you and when I do it I feel happy and peaceful and feel like someone is taking care of my brother and you know we were together people us to think of us as twin, when people are so close to you and when they are not near you feel bad that’s why I’ll go and donate. Meet says it’s a bug risk I’ll help you and thinks I’ll complete both promise of aunty and Meet Ahlawat.
They both get ready to leave. They come downstairs stumble into table and drop vase but Meet Ahlawat catches it in between. Meet Ahlawat says tell me one thing are you going on picnic. Meet says it contains everything which is important for you. Masum sees them and says Babita ask Meet Ahlawat nit to leave room and Meet is helping him to get out house that to this time at night, I need to find out where they are going and follow them.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat get to car and Meet says I’ll drive you will sit on shotgun and keep pillow for his support and help him to settle dwon. Manushi get out of house and says Babita says strictly for bedrest of Meet Ahlawat, where is she taking her tgis night I’ll follow and record it to show it as evidence to mom. Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat is so kind hearted and Manushi did wrong by breaking his heart tonight I’ll make Manushi to meet Meet Ahlawat and give him all the answers for his question to heal him and says to Meet Ahlawat I’ll put location in GPS to reach faster. Meet send message to Manushi asking her to meet at Highway no.5 near Aman Preet Sing Chawk it’s important I’m sending location. Masum try to sneaks into car while Meet was sending message. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet to go. Masum at backside of car thinks I’ll show mom what is she doing tonight mom will throw her out of house.

Babita and Raj sleeping. Babita wakes up, puts on lights and says my Meet Ahlawat is in pain and its hard to relie on Meet to stay awake all night and take care of him, only a mother can do this and no one else and so I have to see my son once and leaves.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on their way, he says listen, we are going today not tomorrow, we cannot reach before 12 with this speed, Meet says I won’t speed up, you will scold later, he says I won’t, give me I will dry, Meet says funny, have water and gives sipper, Meet says you are injured now just drink it.
Babita about to knock, Raj stops her and says Meet is trying hard to take care of our son and doing good too, a doctor can’t also be so careful, Babita says agree but its not fair to relie on her totally and we go to sleep. Raj says I note that but even doctor are not perfect sometimes, I know you don’t relie on her but you can show that you have faith in your son and takes her room.

Masuma see Meet and Meet Ahlawat donating and says I came here in pain to see all this now I’ll feel pain again while going back, if I’ll show this to Mom she won’t say anything I’m feeling cold too. Meet and Meet Ahlawat donating foos and clothes to poor one. An old man pray for Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says if you want give blessing for my brother. Meet says everything will be fine.

Manushi outside in cold says she send me location but didn’t tell why I have to come but I have to go or else she will tell everyone to Mummy and Mummy will throw me out of house and stop auto.

Meet receive message from Manushi says it’s good news she is coming. Meet Ahlawat says let’s go. Meet says wait when you are out so feel this cold climate and empty road because these road are very crowded everytime and we can hear our hearts beating too. Meet Ahlawat thinks what he said to Meet about not seeing her face ever and says to Meet I can hear my heart he is asking one question why did we had fight and went out of house, even I disrespect Dadi and Aunty too they must have feel bad, I don’t know how I did this cannot understand how much time I’ll apologize you. Meet thinks Manushi will say sorry to you bad happen to you and hear auto voice says Manushi is here today she must give all the answers for his question and give him relief, she thinks why is she not out till yet I’ll go and bring her says to Meet Ahlawat my father use to say whenever you do a great work you should do a yoga to cleanse you, take a deep breath and blow it out. Meet Ahlawat says we will do this at home. Meet says I’ll be back in 2 minutes.Meet Ahlawat ask where are you going. Meet says going to take water, she leaves.

Masum hide and follow her thinks where is she going. Meet reach to auto says why aren’t you out Manushi. Masum try to see. Meet ask what happen. Anubha reveals her. Meet in shock. Masum sees Anubha and says what us she doing here. Anubha says if you want to see Son in law happy then never take Manushi’s name in front of him and his family. Meet says you know Manushi break his heart he have right to know why she did this. Anubha says I know but its not tume we can tell anyone that Manushi is home because your mother in law gave me promise that I’ll not keep any relation with Manushi. Masum says I cannot hear what they are talking. Anubha says listen to me there is need of talking what Manushi did in marriage it’s of no use, Meet Ahlawat is bound to youn know and try to make him forget Manushi it’s your responsibility to make him happy. Meet says but Manushi did wrong he need answers. Anubha takes Meet hand put it in her head and ask her to swear that you will not tell anyone it will be between us. Masum try to hear what they are talking. Anubha says I swear you try to understand and ask Auto driver to leave. Meet walk back to Meet Ahlawat. Masum sats I think so it’s too much serious topic that’s why Anubha come so late to give swear, first they change Kundali then they changed girl don’t know what they are planning I’ll bring out the truth.

Kunal feeling cold sitting in Varanda says how’s your family they do not have a blanket for your husband I’m felling cold in this sheet. Manushi walking near around him in panick says shut up. Anubha come inside sees Manushi. Manushi walks to her and ask why did Meet calk me do you know anything. Anubha says listen no need to think about your sister or her husband go pack your bag you are going Delhi. Manushi says what’s your problem. Anubha shush her and says no need to shouts or else Amma will wake up. Manushi says I’m not creating fuss I’m your elder daughter and I need answers. Anubha says why you did after being an elder daughter, you ran away from marriage and younger one did everything for this house respect and you said you went to Mumbai for work no worries you can now work in Delhi under my friend. Manushi says but why mummy.

Anubha says I don’t want any argument and you will be leaving in four days and tell this Parth to leave our house respectfully or else I’ll throw him out and bow lets go to room. Kunal whispers I just want jewellery nothing else.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat reach home. Meet Ahlawat says be happy because I’m going to thank you for this favour and you didn’t even break Mom’s promise let’s go in now. Meet and Meet Ahlawat step inside. Meet thinks how will I hide this big lie but need to hide because I have promises Mummy.

Masum says to Hoshiyar we have to find proof about this girl Meet and reveal her true face and throw out and do something tomorrow that truth comes out on it’s own.

Next day Meet wakes Meet Ahlawat and says goodmorning. Meet Ahlawat wish her and try to wake up.

Meet helps her and give her warm water to drink and says don’t eat anything till 1 hour after this. Meet Ahlawat says my skin has become total dry see there might be a cream. Meet says for now you cannot use anything because you are hurt first take care of yourself then look after dry skin. Meet Ahlawat says it’s also care called as skin care but how you will know because you use only one cream for everything. Meet says till the time I’ll use them I can complete my two delivery and stop drama come now.

Meet Ahlawat guides Meet his skin care routine, Meet follows instructions. Babita walks in and asks how he, Meet Ahlawat says all good, Babita says I know she must be sleeping, Meet Ahlawat says no Mom, she was awake all the time and had medicine too, and don’t worry, you will have migraine and she is here taking very well care of me and now Meet apply under eye cream. Babita sees them together and leaves.

Raj welcomes Babita to breakfast, Babita says Meet is taking good care of him, Raj says you gave 6 months right and with this spees she will impress you and be your favourite daughter in law and Isha any new movies, Isha says yes, Raj says I will take your Aunty to film today, Babita says our son is ill, Raj says he has his wife and now let me impress my wife now, other family members insist too.

Meet Ahlawat walks down with Meet, Babita says I sent you breakfast, Meet Ahlawat says I was missing you all and Mom. Meet sees her photo on newspaper and says oh God how will I handle this bomb. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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