Married to his mother – S01 E68

Married to his mother – S01 E68

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“But can one be in our group and not be aware” Iya Labake asked like a naive person.

“Yes, very well, she was initiated unconsciously, it might be through some materials she was gifted and she would not know, all her behaviour will always characterized someone possessed but she does not know..even she attends meetings without her knowledge, so she is the best person we can use, we will just handle over the case and try to manipulate her to do our biddings, if we eventually but her to our side, am sure to defeat Kemisola would be very easy” The leader added and smiled at Iya Labake who was looking in awe.


Clara was making every move to ensure that Olamilekan will all his properties to her without any delay. She had sold all the house he owned except for the one they were both leaving inside. All his cars were sold by Clara while Olamilekan approved of the sales.

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“I will be selling one of your company to the buyers tomorrow” Clara said to Olamilekan who was reading a newspaper, he had looked miserable and unkempt, he looked lean just like some one that can has not been eating for a very long time. Clara had shut him off from visiting friends and those ones that tried to come near him, she harrased and pursue out of the house.

“So what business do you have with my husband” Clara had asked one of Olamilekan’s friend who came to check on his welfare.

“Am sorry but the last time I checked, Olamilekan never told me he had added another woman to his helm” His friend said to her.

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“Oh, I don’t know that you are so familiar with the history and story of Olamilekan, so what is the problem” She talked rashly to the man

“He is my friend and it has been a while I heard from him, so I had to check on him since he was no longer picking our calls” He replied her.

“Oh, that’s nice of you but he is not attending to anyone now” she had replied him

“But…” He stammered as Clara walked out on him and asking him to close the door behind him.

Now she has placed herself in a position of controlling everything that belongs to Olamilekan.

“So you want to sell the company?” He asked her smiling.

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“Yes, I want to, am processing some travelling stuff and I need money to finance it” Clara said to him.

“Really, but you already sold the other ones” he queried her

“Are you going to go against my will” she asked him frowning.

“NO,but am just” Olamilekan started stammering.

“You have no right to stop me and whatever I say is final” Clara said to him while Olamilekan nodded sheepishly.

“More so, am attending a birthday party of one of my friends” She said to Olamilekan who was just looking at her.

“Really” He asked.

“Yes, that of Kate and it wouldn’t be nice if am not there” She replied as she carried her bag and made out of the house.

Olamilekan was just nodding to whatever she said to him.


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