Married to his mother – S01 E67

Married to his mother – S01 E67

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“Oh, you mean we should hand over her case file to the other witches around where she lives” Iya Labake asked again.

“Yes, that would be the best thing, since they would be close to her, theybwoule understand her weakness very well” The leader said to her smiling a bit.

“But which group?” She asked.

“The ones that are so close to her, her family members, we should contact those in our group among them and hand over the case, you know that someone that is closer to a person knows ones weakness than we that are afar away and since it is someone close that we will be using, Kemisola will not be able to decode where the fight is coming from. You know that a battle from someone closer to a person is the most difficult battle to fight because all your secrets are in their hands” The leader explained to Iya Labake still smiling.

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“Hmm, I reason with you, that is what we can call the battle and enemy within. Hmmm” Iya Labake nods her head in approval.

“But the problem is who can we transfer the case file to” Iya Labake asked looking at her leader’s eye.

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“Very simple, her second sister would be the better person to handle the job” The leader said to her.

“How can she be useful to this kind of job” she asked.

“Don’t forget that she does not like Kemisola since the day she brought your son home and introduce to her mother, she was jealous of her marrying someone who was more richer than her own husband and you know the kind of treatment and care your son gave to Kemisola then made them more jealous. She is part of our group extension but she is not aware, her own kind of witchcraft is unconscious one” the leader said to her.

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