Married to his mother – S01 E65

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 65

Iya Labake’s health was deteriorating everyday. She thought at first that she could manage to treat the swellings on her body but the more she added medications, the more it became worst.

“What kind of sickness is this, my body keeps swelling everyday and now am almost twice the way I was before. Hope, this is not the finger of God or what kind of power is Kemisola using that is rendering me powerless” She soliloquy to herself as she examines the body.

“Should I continue to keep this body to myself or I should just open up and ask Kemisola what charm she used on me” She added.

“Hmmm, but what will I say happened that made me suffer this, never, I can’t my pride would not let me. I would rather find a cure to it myself than go to meet her for the remedy. I can’t allow one silly girl to start making mockery of me.Never” Iya Labake beats her chest and smiled to comfort herself.

She vowed that never in her life would she stoop so low to beg Kemisola even if it would.claim her life.

“Leader, how are you feeling” Iya Labake asked her group leader who has not been able to move out of her apartment for after the spiritual clash they had with Kemisola.

“Ahh, am not feeling alright at all, Iya Labake” The leader said to her.

“This my left leg has been giving me so much pain that I can’t move about, I have been sitting here for some time here now, I don’t know where this strange illness came from but all I could say is that I felt it within me that I got this sickness from the encounter we had when we were trying to confront Kemisola.

” hmmm, I thought as much also but what do you think we can do now, we must not be discouraged and disgraced or who will hear it and not laugh at us that we the ruler of darkness feared by everyone are now wallowing in pain after we were struck by one lady’s power, it is an embarrassment”Iya Labake said to her.

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