List of series ending this October 2021 and series replacing them

A lot of series are ending this October 2021 and a whole lot more are coming, in this article, I’m going to enlightening you with a list of series ending this October 2021 and series replacing them on various channels including StarLife, Zee world, Adom Tv, Joy prime and others


Zee World brings to you two (2) new series this October. which are:

  • My Heart Knows:

Premieres: Friday 5th October 2021
Replacing: The Good Son
Plot Summary: a young girl loses her mother and her father is blamed for it, her journey to find out the real culprit leads her to discover many family secrets.

Premieres: 20th October 2021
Replacing: Curse of the sands
Plot summary: the series tells the story of a bride with hopes that the man he marring is the perfect husband but it turns out that her groom is a hell of a nightmare. 

StarLife is setting our world of Telenovelas ablaze this month with three (3) big premieres, which are:

  • Wedding Planners:

Premieres: Tuesday 19th October 2021
Replacing: The Frontliners
Plot Summary: A widow and an ex-film star, both in their 40s, partner up to start a wedding planning firm. Thus begins a unique tale of self-respect, friendship, and love.

  • Broken Hearts:

Premieres: Wednesday 20th October 2021
Replacing: A magical love story
Plot summary: Ahana, a young girl navigating her life in urban India, gets caught in a web of relationships when she meets Anant, a middle-aged man.

  • Mismatched:

Premieres: Thursday 28th October 2021
Replacing: Mariam khan reporting live
Plot summary: Anokhi Bhalla, runs away from her forced marriage to seek shelter elsewhere, on the other hand, is Shourya believes a woman’s place is only in the kitchen. What happens when they meet.

AdomTv is not giving to us straight this October, we are waiting for confirmation on when their new series will start but, Jaana na dil se door will be ending on Tuesday 12th October.


Premieres: soon
Replacing: Jaana na dil se door
Plot summary: what happens when you send your girl to spy on someone and the unexpected happens.

Same here we are also waiting for the confirmation of the date for their new novel, fingers crossed Tumhari Pakhi will end on the 19th of October.


Premieres: Soon
Replacing: Tumhari Pakhi
Plot summary: three brothers begin their journey to find love and save their family dignity.


Lots of other series will be ending but we can’t talk about it since there is no confirmation from the channels. For example, The other Mrs real on tv3 is ending this October as well as now and forever on joy prime, Empire of lies also ends this Tuesday on Utv. Fingers crossed we will let you know once we get a confirmation from these channels.

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