Jim Johnston Knocks WWE Over How They Book Talent, Says There Are No Breakout Stars

Jim Johnston spent years working for WWE as a music composer. When he appeared on the RRBG podcast, he criticized the company for the way they book talent and feels WWE isn’t putting things together to create stars.

“I feel so sorry for the current crop of talent there,” Johnston said. “I feel like they’re being served so inadequately and so poorly. There are no breakout stars because they’re not putting the right combination of things together to create stars. I am sure there are stars there, I am absolutely confident. I remind everybody before Steve broke out and became one of the biggest stars in the game, he was The Ringmaster. He was a pretty low-card player.”

Johnston also talked about music and how he thinks when WWE uses mainstream music it takes people out of the moment and doesn’t let him fully believe in a character. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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