I DO on zee world, Friday 3rd December 2021 update

Rashid is having a chat with zoya at a cafe about their strange meeting and soon trning into friends.She comments that in today’s world when freidns become starngers,why cant the opposite happen.rashid too agrees and says that he feels at peace talkign to her,even if she is his daughter’s age.

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She says that he would actually be relieved when he meets her,who he went to meet at the dargah.he says that looks impossible since she’s very angry at him.She says that his friend may be very angry,but even the best of friends clm down and patch up and she too will.She asks him to tell about this friend.when he bgins with her name,she stops and asks him just to talk,not to give details.

I DO on zee world

I DO on zee world

He goes on to talk about dilshad andtheir friendship.when he starts talking about how they met for the first time at his college fest.she is reminded of nazma’s request.She immediately takes rashid’s leave,citing the reason and goes for her college.

At the College for arts and science, Outside the college,ayan is ruing missing the college show and zoya too due to lack of ID.Zoya too arrives in an auto.But remebering asad’s words to stay away from nazma,she hesitates. She also sees the principal reprimanding the students’ wearing tshirts of her name.They both see women entering in burqas and are struck with the same idea.

Meanwhile nazma is searching for zoya.Zoya and ayan both draped in burqa collide with each other,and she hearing a man’s voice takes off the burqa to reveal ayan.He is about to pick up a fight with her,but then when she thereatens him of complaining to the principal that he’s entered with the intention of eveteasing,he scurries off without another word.

Also nikhat and nuzrat are supporting humaira in her descision to take part in the fashion show when she is being jittery and cold feet just when the show’s about to start.they leave her off before 10 minutes of the show to start instilling in her confidence and wishing her all the best.

Zoya meets nazma behind the burqa only and reprimands her for not taking part in fashion show.but nazma is adamant that she doesnt want any more trouble and therefore,has withdrwan her name.Zoya sees the principal taking somebody in a burqa and is scared that if its ayan then he woule let out her secret too and goes after them to find out.

Ayan surprises nikhat and nuzrat standing below the stage waiting for the show to start.He asks about humaira and is told by nuzrat to wait for a surprise that she has planned for him.he doesnt take her seriously and instead flirtingly asks about zoya.

Behind the stage,humaira is worried seeing the crowd and is waiting for ayan to show up too,who she is doing all this for.

Scene shifts to Ayan’s residence, Nikhat’s family is discussing marriage preparations with haseena when rashid walks in.he too joins in the conversation and demands to know what would Imran like as a gift on their first function.Haseena pretends to be modest but then gives in saying that he likes cars,and especially a foreign model,that she cant pronounce the name of.Shirin immediately recognizes the car and says that its priced at 80 lakhs which sends the whole khan family into shock while haseena looks on.

At the College for arts and science, Zoya hiding from the principal reaches the backstage wings of the fashion show and finds humaira having stage fears and developing cold feet on going on the stage.She comes upto her and compliments heer on hr beauty and asks heer to ggo up.Humaira thinks that it was a foolish idea on her part.

Zoya says that she’s been overthinking that has afected her descision taking.She asks her to be confidetn and believ ion herself and walk as if she’s walkign on a street.When she still is scared,zoya asks her if she really wants to do it.when humaira says yes,and she’s doing it particularly for one p[erson but cant face the others who would be wacthing her,zoya tells her not to look at the others and just focus on the prson she’s doing all this for.She advises her that i she really wants to achieve something,then she needs to have courage,go for it and grab it with both hands.This gives humaira the confidence boost tht she needed.

She goes upto the stage,and remebering zoya’s words starts walking.Ayan as she wished was completely mesmerised with her new avatar and this makes her very happy and she finishes the show with confidence.

At Ayan’s residence, The whole of khan family is visibly troubled at such a big demand,but they save their faces and dont show it.On being asked about nikhat,haseena is told that she’s gone to collge.Hassena comments on the futility of it remarking that she doesnt need to work then why study.Shirin says the girls of their house go to collge to study,haseena says but not their house’s daughter in laws’ but covers it up saying that they dont for fear of dark complexion in the sun again taunting at nikhat’s complexion.saying so,they leave.

At College for arts and science, Backstage,nikhat and nuzrat compliment her on her success.ayan too joins in praising her and demands to know the motivation behind her new avatar.She says that she is the same old humaira,but with a new confidence boosted by that girl,who she didnt know,not even her name or what she looks like,but who talked to her for one minute and gave her a new perspective.

At Ayan’s residence, Haseena is questioned by her relative,on whether they would get such an expensive car before engagement as they had demanded.Haseena says that they would,and if they dont,she can always play the trump card that she has in her hand i.e. Asad Ahmed Khan.

Later, the khan family is discussing haseena’s demands.While rashid is talking about haseena getting increasingly greedy,razia is offended at such response to haseena’s demands.however,seeing the girls’ return from college,they change the topic and start talking about how grand nikhat’s marriage would be.

At both Asad’s office and residence, Asad is talking to his colleagues that he is waiting for a very important call when his phone starts ringing.but he is unable to receive the call and wonders whats wrong and remembers that he had dropped the phone.

Zoya who has just returned with nazma,gets a call from asad asking her what has she done with his phone,that he cant receive any calls.She tells him that she has locked his phone with a voice simulated password,that he has to say every time he unlocks the phone.On being asked the password,zoya tells him its those three golden words,I AM SORRY ZOYA.Asad is very angry to hear this and cancels the call.

The next time,he receives the call embarassingly saying the password aloud in fron of his colleagues.Zoya says to herself that she had warned him that he would have to apologize to her over and over again.

At Ayan’s residence, The children are talking about the fashion show that just happened and reminding each other that no one should know about humaira’s participation.But then ayan again gets back to talkign about zoya,which prompts humaira to say that she knows her and her no. too.

Ayan’s and asad’s residence, Zoya is talking on the phone where rashid tells her that he thought about her advise and finally followed it and dedicated a song to her long lost friend on the radio.She asks if the one he has dedicated it to knows about it,he says he has already sent an sms.Zoya gets busy in fixing up her radio.

Dilshad working in the kitchen,receives an sms about the radio dedication.She wonders,then realises herself that it could only be rashid reminded of the way rashid had told her that the relation may have died but the memories are still alive.Just then,she hears the sound of the radio,bearing a message for her in rashid’s voice,saying that she is dedicating this song anonymously as the person he is dedicating this to shall know it herself, followed by the song,ZINDAGI KI YEHI REET HAI.Zoya starts dancing while dilshad is lost in the song and her own memories.Zoya notices her being sad.

Rashid too listens to the song,and once turning it off,turns around to face his mother who is about to say something when he stops her saying that she shouldnt say anything to him today,since he tried very hard to follow her advice,but even after 17 years he has not been able to forget her completely,and that thers’ still some spark left underneath the ashes of the long lost relation.Just then shirin enters demanding to know whether rashid was listening to the radio.

His mother covers it saying that she wanted it in her room therefore had asked rashid to check it over.Rashid too changes the topic and starts talking about jewellery thaat he has been told by shirin to look at.

Meanwhile ayan is still talking about zoya.seeing this,humaira says that she haas her no and gives only the first 7 digits saying that he would find the remaining numbers if she is in her destiny.He also decides and promises to drop her off every day to the college in the hope of meeting zoya.when he leaves,she avoids nikhat’s questions too about when she met zoya,and thinks to herself that she hasnt but had no other option to get close to ayan other than this.

Zoya is talking to rashid after the song and after hearing that rashid is disapponted that there was no response from her side,encourages him saying that it is in fact a good sign,since sometimes even silence speaks for itself.Also the faact thaat she didnt respond is better than the negative impact of the last gift when she had gotten angry.feeling better,rashid asks if these gestures wont reopen old wounds,She says that sometimes such gestures are required to even heal such wounds and that he should not worry.

Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Both the families are enjoying the same song while dancing together.When zoya enters,asad is as usual angry at her but sings along nevertheless surprising zoya.Both the familes share a light fun time.

Just then the bell rings,and dilshad opens the door to a haseena bi who is looking around the house in amazement.Dilshad a little surprised at such behaviour assk her the purrpose of the visit.She makes up a name citing that she wants to meet him.dilshad says that she doesnt know anybody by that name living in th area.But haseena piles on inside the hosue saying that she should try to ask her husband while she sits.Confused,dilshad says he’s not at home.haseena says it would have been good if he was and asks if she’s the wife of some person,giving in a fake name.

She says she’s not,which instantly prompts haseena to ask whats the name of dilshad’s husband sending her into a confused and shocked state.the screen freezes on her face.

Seeing dilshad getting increasingly uncomfortable with haseena’s questions,asad steps in and tells her that nobody named qureshi lives in that area.She ask him his name and is surprised when he says ASAD AHMED KHAN.She thanks him for being so helpful to her and takes their leave.When she’s gone,dilshad is confused at her strange behaviour, wanting to know everybody’s names.

Asad keeps getting calls at night,but cant answer due to his obstinacy of not saying the password out aloud in front of zoya.But in the room,he speaks the passwor which sends zoya into splits of laughter and asad into fits of frustration.

Dilshad is looking at the watch rashid gave her while remembering haseena’s remarks about her husband.

In the morning,asad is increasingly again continually disturbed with ioncoming calls which he could pick only aftre saying the password that he hates.

In a Cafe, While ayan is waiting for zoya along with humaira,who is desperately trying to win over his attention,a girl approaches their table.he mistakes her for zoya dn she turns out to the last year’s fashion show winner.he tries to impress the girl with his poetry but fails as he says the wrong name and gets a slap from the girl in return.

At Asad’s residence, Nazma tries to arrange everything on the breakfast table for asad’s liking while zoya unintentionally absentmindedly keeps spoiling it.Asad comes and finds the suit not kept properly and tells nazma to do it.seeing such rigidity,zoya lets out a sigh.Dilshad asks asad to come home early but he refuses cioting a very important merger meeting with london clients that he cant postpone.

Just then he again gets a call from his office,which again he cant pick due to zoya sitting in front of him.Zoya irks him all the more with a piece of her poetry on the same.their residence no rings and nazma picks it up and comes back to tell that it is from the office since asad has been rejecting their calls.Asad frustrted leaves his chair and going away speaks the password to be ablt to accept the call.Dilshad and nazma are confused and surprised to hear him say it.

Zoya tells them the whole story which sends them into shock making nazma comment that somebody would definitely be murdered today in this house.

Asad is reprimanding his technical head for not being able to fix this password problem.He says that the password setter is a genius and that whoever has done it has also locked the password setting with a unique voice code and therefore only that person can change the password. Zoya hearing this is smiling at him in a mocking fashion while asad is furious at her.

Seeing ayan and humaira harmlessly flirting with each other,razia gets an idea and goes to shirin to dicuss about the couple.However a naive shirin mistakes her talks for her own pair of sandals,that she had been admiring for some time.razia clears the confusion and says that she has been talking about ayan and humaira as a couple.

just then rashid’s mother enters and asks what talks are on.razia instantly changes the topic and also stops shirin from blurting.She makes anexcuse that she wants to discuss the menu for imran’s dinner at their place and leaves with shirin.Rashid’s mother however senses something is up and thinks to herself that she knows how desperately razia haas been wanting to hook up humaira with ayan.

While ayan,his sisters and humaira are having their share of fun while dicussing their daily chores and what needs to be done,ayan allots the responsibility of planning shirin’s b’day party to the girls.Nikhat suddenly is lost in her thoughts.When asked by her sisters,she says that she just got a bit motional thinking how she would miss these meetings and their time spent together once she is married and leaves the house.

They ask her to continue coming even aftr marriage.she says thats not possible.But they suggest that a way to make that happen is to include imran too in their group.She brightens up at the idea.but ayan and eventually others too take part in teasing her that imran would first have to prove that he is worthy of being included.they have a big laugh over it.

Asad enters zoya’s room and somehow crossing the obstacle jourrney of the various things lying on the floor,he comes upto zoya who is enthusiatically telling him about the meteorite shower starting tomorrow and that she’s fervently hoping the sky is clear tomorrow.He asks her to repair his phone.She again says that he would have to say the sme words,I AM SORRY ZOYA.

He makes a face red with anger.She says that she is doing it for his help only.Confused,he asks what does she mean by that.she tells him,that when he said sorry to her last time she knew that he doesnt know how to say sorry to somebody.So she did this.So that when he picks up his phone almost 50 times in a day,he would learn how to say sorry.And when he does,se would correct the settings on his phone.

Just then he gets a call, he rejects it arrogantly and walks out of her room slamming the door which prompts zoya to call him out as arrogant.

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