Heath Miller On The Severity Of His Most Recent Injury

During his interview with Wrestlezone, Heath Miller spoke on how he ended up diagnosed with his most recent injury and how it led to such a long recovery process. Here’s what he had to say:

So, I got hurt at Bound For Glory then next thing you know, I went to [TriStar Skyline Medical Center], went there and they just told me that I had a hernia, like ‘Oh, you just have a hernia, you’ll be back in a month.’ I’m like, ‘OK shoot, that’s easy.’ But them just saying that’s a hernia, well then why’s my leg turning every color of the rainbow and black and brown and purple? My whole left leg looked like it got frostbite and was about to fall off.

They told me to take a month off, so I was just chilling at the house for a month, but it just kept getting worse so I went to a hernia specialist, and the hernia specialist said ‘your rectus muscle is ripped also.’ He also said ‘your hernia is a sports hernia and I don’t fix those, you need to find a hernia doctor that would fix it.’ He didn’t even do any scans or anything, so that was a wash for me and then I went to another doctor and with all this COVID stuff going on, it takes even longer for you to get in and on top of that it was around Halloween, then Thanksgiving then Christmas then New Years, so there was just a lot of sh-t going on.

So after three doctors, finally I got to see Dr. Novick at Duke [Medical in Durham, North Carolina] and he literally had [ordered] an MRI and he told me, ‘you’ve got two hernias, one on the left side of your pelvic bone and one on the right side of your pelvic bone, your rectus muscle is completely ripped off the bone, your abductor muscle is shredded,’ and then he said that he pretty much could stick three fingers through the holes that were in my lower abdomen area to where he had to get three pieces of mesh to put there just to keep that together. Pretty much, he said that there’s so much scar tissue there where it was one of those things where I had injuries years before, but just never knew, never felt it. I guess me getting in there and hitting my neckbreaker [finisher] and doing my leg lariats, stuff I’ve done over the years, it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I had two different types [of hernia] on my pubic bone, rectus muscle completely gone and still don’t have it, the abductor muscle had to get re-sutured back, and then I have three pieces of mesh in my lower abdomen wall just to hold my sh-t together.

You can check out the interview HERE.

Credit: Wrestlezone.

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