[Final Episode] Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, updated Tuesday, October 19, 2021

In fact, I don't know when exactly it will end, but depending on the episodes, it's supposed to end on Tuesday, but atinka tv might delay it. Still, here's always the last episode.

Tumhari Pakhi

Tumhari Pakhi

Riya says we found divorce papers, why Dad? Ayan asks why you are divorcing Pakhi? Isn't maa good? doesn't she love you? she takes care of everyone, she's very nice, Veer says she's very nice but I don't deserve her. Jiji remembers the flashback in which Veer told her that Pakhi's heart is with Anshuman only, Jiji says she saved your life, Veer says she is like that, she helps others that you can't help but love her but that doesn't mean Pakhi loves too.

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Pakhi didn't want to marry me, he says I loved Keerti for many years and it hurts a lot, so I won't let that happen this time. end of flashback. ayan hits Veer, Pakhi tells Ayan that Veer is not bad, he is very nice, I don't like him, Ayan says that if you don't like him then I'm angry with you, he leaves., Veer says I'm going to talk to Ayan, Lavanya takes Pakhi with her.

Lavanya brings Pakhi to the room and sees this room, when you first entered this house, I asked Anshuman to be away from you, no one wanted you to stay here but now we love you so much, today you think you can't have a chance but please try to heal your wounds maybe love finds its way, Pakhi says for giving in, I should have space, Anshuman is with me, he is in my voice, in my breaths, I see him when I close my eyes, Anshuman is with me, now I am anshuman and I am Pakhi, Lavanya says how will you live alone and love the second time is not bad, Pakhi says it's not but I can't love anyone else, I'm mixed with my Anshuman so I can't part with him, I find peace by living with Anshuman, let me live like that only, Smiles Lavanya.

Veer comes to Ayan. Ayan kisses Veer and asks him not to leave, I won't do any wrongdoing but don't go. Veer says how to make you understand that it's important, Veer asks you what game you like, Ayan says I love football and hate volleyball, Veer says if I ask you to play volleyball, will you be able to do it? Ayan says no.

Veer says the same thing, Pakhi still loves Anshuman and she has given him all her life and we should respect that, Riya says you divorce from her, Veer says no it's a mutual decision and our relationship won't change, I will come when you need it otherwise Pakhi is there and she will take care of you, Riya says that when you care about each other, then why not live together, Veer says it's not always nice to be together, it's Pakhi's life and she made the decision to love Anshuman only so I think she's right and we should respect that, Riya says I will miss Ayan and Pakhi a lot, Ayan says I'll miss you Veer, they all kiss.

at night, Veer is in her room when Pakhi comes, she finds divorce papers, Veer says it's formality, signs the papers, I don't think the relationship breaks down or forms easily, he says Pakhi you have done a lot for my family, from tomorrow you can live a free life, without any baggage, I am able to do it so I will feel lucky, we used to fight but now we are friends, now we have respect for each other, he says signing, our friendship does not break, the relationship you want with me, for that we must end this relationship first, it's not like I won't meet you after the divorce, I won't leave you easily, he asks her to sign, you don't have to think, he gives her his pen, Pakhi takes it hastily, she takes divorce paper to sign and looks at Veer.

Pakhi takes Pen from Veer, she sits down to sign, she looks at Veer and shows him to sit next to her, he sits down and shows her to sign, Pakhi finally signs the divorce papers, Veer says a request from you, I leave Riya here, Pakhi is happy, Veer says I don't think anyone can raise him better than you and also Ayan will have a sister, Also, I will have a reason to come back here, I hope you don't mind, Pakhi smiles and looks at Veer, Veer leaves from there.
Her morning, Veer packs her things, Pakhi comes with her shirts and is sad, Veer looks at her and says that if we put cactus in the room, we attach ourselves to it, I think you are attached to me, Pakhi laughs, she says I laughed at your example, Veer says that people tend to attach themselves to good things, Pakhi says that you have always maintained that you are the best.

Veer says no you are the best without a doubt, Veer says I'll press my shirt, Pakhi says I'll press it, Veer says you won't be able to do it, Pakhi says you called me best, Veer says ok do it, Pakhi tells Veer he can teach him ironing and sandwich, Veer says I don't have much time, I have to leave, Pakhi says I'll miss you all, and I too, Veer gets emotional, Veer opens his arms, Pakhi hugs him., . Pakhi says you are my best friend, Veer says you are too, Pakhi says there are far fewer people like, Veer says and there is no one like you, Ayan comes with a bag and says we packed cookies for you, Ayan and Riya kiss Veer, they say we will miss you.

Jiji leaves, she gives gifts to the servants, Pakhi asks her to stay for a few days, Jiji says it will be difficult for us to leave if we stay now, I pray that you stay as you are, Pakhi hugs her and touches her feet, Pakhi meets Nandini, Charu, Kumu. Jiji comes to Lavanya and asks her to take care of Pakhi, Riya and Ayan, Lavanya hugs her. Veer comes to Pakhi but says nothing, they sit in the car and leave. Lavanya tells Pakhi that I said yesterday that the house looks like before, all happy but now the house looks like what it looked like after Anshuman's death, it's weird that we want people to leave but when they leave, we want them to stop them, Pakhi says it's called human, as time changes people change.

Lavanya says you're not afraid of loneliness? Pakhi says my heart is full so I'm not alone, Lavanya says people like you make love above all else, I'm glad I was a part of it all, Lavanya and Girish leave, Pakhi comes home and remembers how she entered this house for the first time as a bride, Bairi Jiya plays, she looks at Anshuman's picture, she remembers how anshuman filled her maang, how they held hands several times, bowl na dil plays, she remembers Anshuman and she was under the bed, she remembers how Anshuman said that God had to be like you, how they had small moments of conviviality, how they kissed each time, how they fell into the toilet, how they danced in the rain, how anshuman filled his maang with sindoor again.

Pakhi, Ayan and Riya are together, they look at the stars, Pakhi says that the brightest star is Rohini, Mooon has many wives but he loves Rohini the most and travels until rohini meets, Pakhi remembers how Anshuman came to her, Pakhi kisses Riya and Ayan and thinks anshuman you said you came to take mother for Ayan and now see that I am mother only, earlier I was waiting for you and now you have to wait for me, I know when I will come to you, there will be glow everywhere, I know you have to smile when you see us.

Ayan comes to Pakhi in her and now says that you are my responsibility and I will love you very much, he goes, Pakhi thinks I was your Anshuman and I will always be yours, she sleeps peacefully with Anshuman's photo, bairi piya plays.

Anshuman and Pakhi are shown in Mandir praying and Anshuman glances at Pakhi.


It's been such a trip guys, thanks to all for reading, remember a new series ISHQBAAZ replaces tumhari Pakhi.

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