[Final episode] Jaana na dil se door on adom tv, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

[Final episode] Jaana na dil se door on adom tv, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

The final episode starts with Atharv asking Kailash what type of devil is he. Kailash says you are forcing me, don’t come ahead, I m telling you. Atharv kicks the gun. Kailash shoots. Vividha gets shot. She falls down. Atharv holds her. She says bullet touched me and passed, don’t leave him, his love became madness.

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Kailash and Atharv have a fight. Kailash picks the gun. He aims at Atharv. Atharv says its either you or me today, shoot. Kailash recalls Vividha. He shoots himself. Atharv and Vividha get shocked. Kailash falls dead. Atharv holds Vividha. Vividha says let this blood flow out, its bad blood of Kailash. Atharv hugs her.

Everyone does Kailash’s last rites. Dadi cries and says he was my son, he did not do this right, I will wish your soul gets peace. Vividha says why did he not behave like a normal man. Atharv says I did not hate him, but he could not understand us, when I tried a lot to explain. She says don’t blame yourself. He says he got blind in ego and did not see children’s happiness.

She says he was using me for his thinking, he ruined everything. Atharv says I wanted him to see our family, when you said he lost his memory, I wished its true and I m wrong about him, but no he was same. She says he never changed, I wish I get a good father in next birth. He says I m sorry, I tried a lot, but could not get your father, we get a lot in life, but we keep accounts of things which we don’t get.

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3 months Later, Sujata selects the saree for Uma. Everyone carries on the normal routine. Kangana gives tiffin to Guddi and says food has less oil. Vividha asks Atharv to come soon. Vividha asks Uma and Sujata to pack pickles and papad orders, we have to prepare it fast. Kangana takes Madhav for bath. Ankit goes to manage things. Vividha says I will go and give tea to Atharv.

Atharv feeds the cows. He says I m focussing on work, no tea at this time. She says I will feed this to gungun. He asks her to pay attention to him also. Khushi asks what’s happening, I m seeing everything. Atharv asks what. She says you have held mummy’s hand, I will tell Dadi that you were beating mummy. He says I did not beat her ever. Khushi goes. He says since she started talking, she did not stop chattering, she went on you. They see Vivek.

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Vivek says you would be surprised seeing me here, I m sorry for what happened 3 months ago, I m very sorry. Atharv says no need to feel guilty. Vivek says I came to talk about alliance again, don’t misunderstand me, my proposal is for Kangana, when I saw her at funeral, we spoke a bit, but time was not right. Kangana says what’s this. Vivek says you can take your time. Kangana says forget this, you are wasting your time. She goes.

Vividha says I will like to say one thing, never lose in life, true love always wins. Atharv says if you believe this by heart, you listen to your heart, Kangana is not fine, but times will change. Vivek says I will accept whatever her decision, I will take your leave. He goes. Vividha lights diya and sees Kailash, Ramakant and Ravish’s pics. She asks Atharv what decision will Kangana take. He says like you took decision by heart. They argue.

Everyone comes. Uma says Atharv’s filmi side impressed Vividha. Sujata says Atharv tried hard to get her. Dadi says Vividha has good luck to get him, everyone knows I m first love of Atharv ji. Atharv says yes, you are first. They smile.

Uma says this was right decision of your life, which made you and me free. Dadi Bua asks did Dadi start troubling again. Dadi says she always takes class of me. Guddi says our small fights keep us together. Madhav calls them and shows Khushi. Vividha asks her to come down. Madhav says she is coward. Khushi comes down. Everyone claps. Khushi runs after Madhav to beat him. Dadi Bua and Dadi argue. Vividha says happiness came in our house. Atharv says our life had many things, whatever pain we tolerated, everything got fine.

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Vividha says true love never fails. Sujata says yes right, if heart is clean and intentions are good, difficulties get easy. Atharv says till my entire family is with me, I m ready to fight any war. Vividha calls the kids. They hug the kids. Everyone smile.


It’s been such a long journey guys, thank you all for reading daily updates at, remember a new series TILL LOVE DO US APART, replaces jaana once it ends. Stay tuned for more.

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