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Once there was a king on zee world, Sunday 3rd July 2022 update

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Shera’s father tell them that he found him injured and brought him home. When Vasundra met him she brought him here. Shera calls Vasundra a mother as she gave him life. Rani says that Raaj doesn’t remember anything now, Vasundra and her son tried to ruin Sunakshi’s life. Shera insists he would only stay here if Vasundra is allowed to stay here. Anandi allows him to live here and tells him to go and take over the Royal post of Amirkot.

Once there was a king Series
Once there was a king Series

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Shera walks towards the stage and announces he would only do what is best for Amirkot. He passes by Rani and takes Vasundra towards the stage. He kneels in front of Vasundra saying he would serve her. He tells Rani to give this turban to Vasundra as well. With tears in her eyes Rani comes to crown Vasundra with the turban.

The next morning, Doshi
asks Rani what she is doing. Rani says she wants to be Raaj’s Rani and speak to him. She gets ready and comes to Shera with sindoor. He backs up in the bed. Rani sits beside him and holds his hand, she says she is his wife whom he loved dearly. She shares she was afraid that she lost him, then asks him to fill her hairline with sindoor. Shera looks blankly. Rani asks him to turn her into a bride again. Shera was about to fill her hairline when Anandi comes in with Shera’s father. The man tells Rani that she must do a Pooja as she was considered a widow, she can’t live with him until then. Rani wonders how this man knew what was happening inside. Anandi seconds Shera’s father. Rani turns to leave upset.

Outside in the corridor, Rani thinks there is something wrong for sure. She comes across Vasundra. Vasundra says she can understand what pain Rani is going through and taunts her of her empty hairline.

Rani was restlessly walking and furiously cursing Vasundra as she is using Raaj. Doshi tells her to calm down, he suggests they must first turn Raaj to their side. Rani says she has seen same love in Raaj’s eyes for herself. Vasundra over hears this, she thinks all of Rani’s hard work won’t work, as this isn’t Raaj at all. He is a puppet in her hands.
Vasundra comes to the room, she removes Raaj’s photo from a wall and unlocks a door behind it, then comes out and hangs the photo again. She says now the secret would remain a secret now.

Vasundra watches Shera going out. She stops him at once and asks where he was going. Shera says he was suffocating in this palace and wanted to wander outside for a while.

The next morning, Vasundra wakes up to see Shera and Rani enter her room hands in hands. Rani asks if she didn’t recognize her children. Vasundra reminds they couldn’t come near each other until the Pooja. Rani says they know about the pooja already. She tells Vasundra they have already done the Pooja on sunrise, now they are going to serve food for Brahmans. Anandi and Chitra also come in and asks Vasundra to bless them. Rani touches Vasundra’s feet. Vasundra bless her to stay happy, Rani asks for some more blessings.

Later, Rani shares a plan with Doshi. Doshi agrees to her plan and was excited. Rani goes calling Raaj for help. Doshi comes to call Raaj for help as Rani has been stuck in the godown. Raaj comes in and hearing the sounds from a trunk he breaks open the lock. Rani was suffocating in the trunk.

In the room, Vasundra warns that Rani must not get a single clue he isn’t Raaj but Shera. Something breaks at the door as it opens, Rani stands there shocked to see Shera and Vasundra together. She asks why they seem so worried. She calls them downstairs and leave the room. Vasundra was relived she didn’t hear anything. Rani turns to ask if they are coming. Vasundra tells her to go, they are coming.

Shera tells Vasundra he has understood this Rani is really cunning, no one can judge when she is thinking and doing what. He assures he is with her now, no one can hurt her anymore. Vasundra cries and hugs Raaj thinking she is really lucky to have this fool with him.

In the corridor, Rani wonders if this isn’t her Raaj but Shera. She recalls how he valued Vasundra over her, comes to the room and cries hard.

Doshi was in disbelief hearing what Rani told him. She curses herself for getting stupefied in hands of Vasundra and that fake Raaj. She decides to punish them. Doshi says they must tell everyone about it, Rani says they can’t give them a chance to win the game. She will plan something that will reveal the identity of that fake Raaj. She will do something that he himself confesses his truth.

At night, a servant brings a note to Shera. He smirks. Vasundra fears Rani would do something and trap Shera. Raaj comes to the basement where Rani called Shera.

Vasundra watches Shera in the bed and was relieved, she leaves. It was Doshi in Shera’s bed.
Rani shuts Shera into an enclosed box, she turns the steam on inside the box. She says she realizes he is a fake player and not her Raaj, but this game isn’t fake and now he would suffocate until he confesses his love. Shera suffocates in the box because of steam, he calls from inside that he is Raaj and not Shera. He asks if she couldn’t recognize the love in his eyes, then reminds her of the anklet and what he said with it. Rani recognizes his words and turns to open the doors of the box. Raaj had fainted already, he falls into her lap. Rani cries and asks him to open his eyes. She pushes Raaj’s chest, he breathes heavily and opens his eyes. Rani hugs him apologizing and makes him comfortable. Raaj tells Rani that at the last moment Ajay Singh came to save him from the fires. He made him run from the store but himself died.

Sakshi comes across the corridor as Vasundra was trying to unlock the door from behind Raaj’s photo. She was alert and hurries to leave. Sakshi hears the vase fell on the floor, Sakshi takes Raaj’s photo as she decides to hand it in her room. Vasundra thinks the secret of the room would be revealed if the photo goes off here. She comes to Sakshi and tells her there is a huge ghost in this room, if he finds out Sakshi is here the ghost would take her and eat her. Sakshi was afraid and runs out of the room at once, promising never to come to this room. Vasundra finally unlocks the secret room.

Rani cries saying she must have lost Raaj else the man hadn’t saved his life. She says they must inform his family and must do something for them. Rani asks why he didn’t return then? Raaj says he was coming back, he then found Vasundra has planned something against them. There is a huge secret she has hidden from them. Rani asks what secret?

Raaj tells Rani that Vasundra has kept Sunanda hostage with her.
There, Vasundra comes to the secret room where Sunanda had been tied to the chair.
Rani panics about Sunanda, Raaj assures that together they will find Sunanda, Rani must trust him.

There, Sunanda asks for water. Vasundra brings a glass filled with water and spills it nearby. Vasundra was Sunanda stare at her and clutches her face saying she would make her suffer much now and would also not spare her daughter as she snatched her son from her. She ties Sunanda’s mouth again and leaves.

Raaj tells Rani that Vasundra is a very cunning lady, they must make Vasundra reveal herself where she kept Sunanda. Rani shares an idea with Raaj.
Vasundra comes out of the secret room. Raaj and Rani had come across the corridor together.

They drop a vase in the way. Vasundra was alert wondering if someone saw her here. She thinks about being cautious as someone was here. Raaj and Rani had hidden behind a curtain in the corridor. Vasundra comes to the corridor, she looks around. Rani gets a sneeze but Raaj clutches her nose. They come out when Vasundra had left but Raaj drags her back again. They hold each other’s face. The curtain fell off over them. Doshi had come from behind. Raaj cheers they were saved. Doshi asks Rani what she is doing with the stranger. Rani tells Doshi about the truth. Doshi hugs Raaj and was relieved Raaj is with them. They get to their rooms.

The next morning, Rani wakes up in the room. She hears Vasundra speaking in her room.

Vasundra says it’s so peaceful watching someone sleep this way. Rani was alert. Vasundra says she came to surprise Rani just as she surprised her. She brings something for Rani to eat. She says it’s her birthday and wanted to give her some sweet. Rani wonders what must be mixed with it, what if she kidnaps her like her mom. Rani stuffs Vasundra’s mouth with a spoonful of the sweet and says it’s her birthday. Vasundra says Rani would get a special gift for the way she took her away from her son, her family would strive for death even and she would get the desirable peace only then. She turns to warn Rani it’s only a beginning of the game, it’s her birthday but Rani would never forget the day. Rani was sure to make Vasundra lose her own game.

On the breakfast table, Raaj sings for Vasundra wishing her. Vasundra thanks them saying she doesn’t feel as if her family isn’t with her. Preiti notices the bowl in her hand. Vasundra says she made this with her own hands, her son loves this and always demanded for it. Raaj takes a bite saying he is also like his son. He holds her hand saying Vasundra gave him a new life, he owes a lot to Vasundra. He announces they would celebrate Vasundra’s birthday and promises her a gift. He hugs Vasundra and gives a thumbs up to Rani standing behind.

Raaj brings Vasundra blindfolded to the cake. He removes the cloth piece off her eyes and show her a trunk covered with red cloth. Vasundra asks what this is. Raaj hands Vasundra the key to the trunk and says this is Royal Fortune, he and Rani decided to gift it to her.

Vasundra objects this belongs to Rani. Raaj says what’s Rani is his, and what’s his belongs to Vasundra. Vasundra hugs Raaj thanking Shera, Raaj speaks as Shera that this was what he always wanted her to get. He wish Rani comes before Vasundra can open the trunk. Rani calls from upstairs to stop. She says Vasundra can’t open this. Anandi asks why? Raaj was also in disbelief.

Rani says she is saying what’s written in the will, it says she can sale or gift this fortune but her mother’s signatures are needed for the purpose. She can’t do anything against her mother’s will. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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