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Mummy Wa shares her intention to stop playing Mr. Macaroni’s onscreen wife one day

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Popular skit maker, Kemi Ikuseedun popularly known as Mummy Wa has revealed her intention to end her role as an onscreen wife to fellow content creator, Mr Macaroni sometime in the future.
She admitted that she thought about life after the role after four years of portraying it.
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Ikuseedun said she was thinking about making a move in an interview with Saturday Beats, claiming that she is continually looking for new possibilities and endeavors.
She said, “After four years of playing this role, I always have this feeling that one day I might not be ‘Mummy wa’ anymore. So, I’m constantly brainstorming about other things I can do.”
Mummy Wa, who previously dated colleague Isbae U but had a breakup apparently due to physical abuse, shared her viewpoint when asked about her personal life and the potential for double dating.
She said, “If it’s a friendship, it’s possible. But when it comes to romantic relationships, I don’t think it’s feasible. There will always be one person who is loved more than the other.
Personally, I cannot romantically love two people simultaneously. My mind will always be focused on one person, making it difficult for me to think about someone else.”