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Meet in love zee world, Friday 1st July 2022 update

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Babita saya to Anubha giving Meet a surprise was an excuse to say thanks to you. Anubha says you are always welcome why you need to say thanks. Babita says for giving such a beautiful daughter in law. Masum looking for Manushi. Babita says to Anubha I love my son but the way your daughter took care of my son situation, she must have learn for you and ask where is Masum to Ragini. Meet thinks Manu dede is in house and Masum is looking for her says I’ll go and see Masum.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Ragini says you talk to your family I’ll call her. Masum gets call from Masum says I’m here nearby talking to Hoshiyar relative I’ll be back soon. Ragini says okay come fast. Babita ask what she said. Ragini says she is Hoshiyar relative she is coming.

Manushi and Kunal in store room. Manushi kill mosquito and says I’m not able to understand why are we lock inside, we ahave all jewellery and are legally married let’s go out. Pandit says I alno need to go out for poojs or else I’ll not get my payment. Kunal thinks and if I come out infront of Babita Mami then I’ll be exposed. Manushi says you stay here I’m leaving.

Masum searching Manushi says give me your one glimpse, where she might be, I didn’t go ve time to Meet to alert her family.

Kunal says Baby stop. Pandit says don’t call me baby I’m pandit. Kunal says okay and says to Manushi we have jewellery but your sister is outside. Manushi says so what I don’t care about her if she loose her family, I’m stuck inside because of them. Kunal says okay let’s face your sister and if she remembers that I’m Kunal not Parth then you will handle everything, you know what will happen then your mom will take all the jewellery. Manushi says I’ll die but not give my jewellery. Pandit says I don’t care about your family drama I need to go and drop luggage while leaving. Everyone hear that noise. Masum thinks who is there when everyone is outside. Babita ask what was that voice. Anubha says kid’s must be playing outside so it might be because of there ball. Masum drop her purse near stairs, gets down to pick up and see smoke coming out of a jute sack remove that sack and see havan kundu hiding below that says it seems like someone put it out recently, what was happening.

Kunal says where are you going staying here is your benifit and take money from Manushi and give him says it’s real.

Meet go downstairs and see Masum in between and stops her from going upstairs. Masum says stay away from me I’ll uncover your secret. Meet says if you know Manushi is here then go and tell your family why are you playing games. Masum says you and your family break your promise first and then hid her in house, you break mom and dad trust you are big liers. Meet says I cannot listen anything against my family and mom and dadi are in trouble because of Manushi and they do not have anu intention to hurt your family. Masum says if your family is so pure then what is problem in bringing out truth and you only say uf someone is pure then Matarani don’t let happen anything to them. Pandit walks out of storeroom. Masum looks at pandit says from where did he come and ask him to stop. Masum walks to pandit. Amma rush towards them. Masum see sindoor box pick it up and ask what is this and shouts what is happening in house I see Havan Kund downstairs, Pandit in store room and now this sindoor box and ask are you guys hiding something. Pandit says I jut done marriage in this house. Everyone in shock Masum ask who got married walks to Anubha says yoi got only two daughters for marriage one is she and other who ran away or do you have third child too who you must be hiding as earlier you hide that Meet is your daughter. Amma says to Masum we did a wedding ritual of Tusli tree so that this house stay happy with good omen for that we call Pandit, for this we need Havan Kund and Sindoor. Meet thinks because of me Dadi is saying lie to everyone. Masum says okay then the marriage must be done in Angan then what was he doing in storeroom. Amma says he was doing positivity ritual in whole house so he cane out of storeroom and ask Pandit to leave and says that girl who ran away disrespect us don’t have any relation with her she is dead for us, looks at Meet says I have only one daughter and her name is Meet, cries and hug her says this girl did more then a boy supported us, did job and save Hudda’s family reputation and did all the responsibility from the time she was young but didn’t show her pain and sadness to anyone, sometimes it take life long to understand people but its true a mirror cannot be diamond how much it shine and she is true diamond, whoever understood her is lucky. Meet says stop and how much drama queen you have become since I left. Masum thinks once I got Manushi then I’ll drop Meet to her house personally.

Meet Ahlawat calls Isha. Isha walks in and ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat says you know about me skin care routine and how much things I have for my skin but look at this, this is Meet’s one and only thing for skin care fro everything. Isha says really from one cream sho do her whole skincare routine. Meet Ahlawat says yes and ask tell me about best skincare routine for female so that I can order for her everything. Isha says you are taking care of her everything tell what’s going on.

Meet Ahlawat says its not care and ask tell me if someone stressed then damage come to skin first and you know how much I follow my skin care routine and she make fun of me so I’m thinking of ordering skin care routine for her so that she stop being sarcastic to me so now we have to order before she come and I’ll explain her everything so she leaves me alone. Isha says you know I think she will not use this. Meet Ahlawat says why won’t she use for that she have to try first same way like food.

Isha says okay I’ll do it and order skincare routine for him. Servant come and says to Meet Ahlawat police have come and asking for you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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