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“Jasmine is my daughter and not my girlfriend” – Mr Ibu clears the air on his wife’s allegations (Video)

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Popular Nigerian actor, Mr. Ibu has denied his wife’s claim that Chioma Jasmine is his lover rather than his daughter, as is popularly assumed.
His wife, Stella Maris called him out for abandoning her and her kids and alleged that he was in a romantic relationship with his adopted daughter, Chioma Jasmine Okafor.
Jasmine is my daughter and not my girlfriend – Mr
The Nollywood veteran cleared the air during an Instagram live session with his second son, Daniel Onyebuchi Okafor, and On-Air personality, Daddy Freeze.
Ibu revealed he adopted Chioma when she was a child and she is his legal daughter though not biologically.
He claimed that he and his wife had been having issues and had gone to the police to resolve their differences and they had been asked not to publicize anything till the matter was settled at the police station.
He said he had no idea that she had already gone online to insult him and his daughter.
Daniel Okafor, his son, who responded to the inquiry of Jasmine’s identity, stated that she is his adoptive daughter who was adopted as a youngster.
According to Daniel, his stepmother, Stellamaris was being brainwashed by outsiders who continually put her against Jasmine.
He stated that when the actor became unwell, it was Jasmine who cared for him while his wife was in Cyprus.
Watch them speak here;