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“I was on my period during the cook-a-thon” – Nigerian chef ,Hilda Baci reveals (Video)

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Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, has disclosed that she was on her period throughout her four-day cookathon in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual.
In a recent interview with TV3, the 26-year-old chef, who is awaiting official confirmation of her record from GWR, revealed that having her period made the challenge even more difficult for her.
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Hilda explained that her menstrual cycle began earlier than anticipated due to stress, and her father was concerned because he knew how severe her period cramps could be.
“I was on my period the entire time, and that made it extremely challenging and more demanding. It meant that I had less time to rest,” Hilda said.
“I was trying to accumulate minutes because I would get 5 minutes of rest for every hour completed. So, if I stood for one hour, I only had 5 minutes to rest. And I still had to undergo medical checks. I’m grateful for my medical team; they were there for me.”
“Because of my period, I had to take a shower during every break I had. If I had 30 minutes, I had to use that time to shower and change.”
“My father was worried because I experience excruciating cramps. They are really intense. So, pushing through that pain means I can overcome challenges in life.” She added.
Watch her speak below,