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“I can’t marry a mummy’s boy” – Angela Eguavoen

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Nollywood actress, Angela Eguavoen has revealed the reasons she is unable to have a romantic relationship with or even wed a “mummy’s boy”.
Angela noted in an interview with Saturday Beat that while she wants a partner who respects and listens to someone in his family, she wouldn’t marry a mummy’s boy.
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“I cannot marry a mummy’s boy. He has to be a man of himself. Of course, I want a man that has someone in his family that he respects and listens to. He has to be someone who keeps to his words, and cannot be easily swayed,” she said.
She also stated that she won’t allow any relatives in her home. She said;
“No family member will live with me and my husband unless she (mother-in-law) is sick and is in need of attention. I am a busy woman and not the type that would sit at home to take care of anybody. I am of the opinion that in-laws living permanently with a newly-wed couple is not good.”
Speaking on fake friendships in Nollywood, the actress noted that she didn’t have many friends in the industry so she could not relate.
In her words;
“I don’t know about them. I do not keep many friends. I have just a few of them and they have all been true to me. I believe friendship should not be a one-sided thing. If we (friends) are benefiting from each other, the person won’t think I am using them.
But, one way or the other, one person will outdo the other at some point. However, that one person is doing better than the other does not mean they cannot do better later.”