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A touch of love on glow tv, Monday 4th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Thapki asking Dhruv to check script once, she made it ready. He says I don’t need to see it then, thanks. She asks shall I go if there is no work. He says work is there, but you go, Bihaan would be waiting for you. She says no, tell me. He says visuals have to be prepared in edit, but you did not have food since morning, Bihaan is also waiting, go. She says no, I will end work in sometime and go. She asks for her phone which she may have left here. He says I don’t see it here, wait I will call. He sees the phone in the bin and says its ringing, I think its on silent, if I find it here, I will give you.

A touch of love series
A touch of love series

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Bihaan reaches office and says bike also stopped today, anyways I reached here, I will sit in AC and have food with Thapki. Guard does not allow Bihaan to enter the office. Dhruv looks on. guard says no one can go without ID. Bihaan says my ID is my brother Dhruv Pandey, I m his younger brother, I will call him. He says I forgot my phone. Guard stops him. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words and says fine, I won’t go, you go and ask. Guard goes to Dhruv and says someone came to meet Thapki. Dhruv says tell him that Thapki can’t meet him and I m busy.

Guard tells Bihaan that madam is busy, she can’t meet him. Bihaan asks did you ask Thapki or not. Guard scolds him and asks him to leave. The staff looks on. Bihaan says go and tell Dhruv that his brother came. Guard asks him to see his face, clothes and tiffin, you look a cook, get lost. He pushes Bihaan. Bihaan does not let the tiffin fall. Dhruv looks on from his cabin.

Bihaan gets angry and says I think not to get angry and you…. Move away. Guard says I will lose my job, I won’t let you enter without ID, you are so ill mannered. Bihaan gets into a fight with him. a man asks Dhruv to come, fight is going on outside. Dhruv says side, Thapki is in edit, ask her to stay there, I will come there myself. He says Bihaan Pandey and goes there.

Bihaan scolds the guard. Dhruv comes and asks Bihaan to leave him, why are you fighting. Bihaan says I told guard that I m your brother, he is not allowing me. Dhruv says you should have called me. Bihaan says I messaged Thapki that I m coming. Dhruv tells the guard that he is my brother, why did you not believe if he said. Guard says how does he look your brother, look at him. Dhruv scolds him and asks him to get lost. He asks the staff to get back to work. He apologizes to Bihaan and asks him to have food with Thapki. Bihaan says no, I will go, I don’t want to have food now, you tell Thapki to end her work soon and come home, I will wait for her. He cleans the tiffin and goes. Dhruv smiles.

Thapki tells Dhruv that its her mistake, I should have read his message. He says but Bihaan should have waited. She says I ended the work, shall I leave now. He says yes, thanks. He asks her about the story. She asks is there any problem. He says its yesterday’s episode. She gets shocked. He says anyways, I will manage something, go home.

She says I will write another story. He says no, I think you should go home. She says I will call Bihaan and tell him, he will understand. He says fine, I will call him and inform, he said he left his mobile at home, he will reach home in some time, till then your work will end. She goes. Everyone at home talk about Bihaan dancing in the party. Bihaan comes there and gets shocked seeing his Naagin dance. He recalls everyone’s words and gets angry.

He switches off the tv. Vasundara asks how did you come so soon, where is Thapki. Bihaan says Thapki is there, and goes. Vasundara and Dadi leave. Shraddha says Thapki is there, and Bihaan angrily came back home alone, something happened, I will find out, I will call Dhruv. She calls Dhruv. He does not answer. She calls at reception and asks for Dhruv. The lady says Dhruv refused to answer any call, Thapki has come and they both are working on some project. Shraddha asks did Bihaan come here. The lady says yes, there was big incident here and tells everything. Shraddha thanks her and ends call. She says so that’s why Bihaan is so angry, its good, he will get his anger out on Thapki, you see Thapki, how I make you and your love Bihaan fight like dogs.

Dhruv takes the cake for Thapki. She says I m getting late and came here to work, as no one will disturb me here. He says I will help you, till then have something. She says no, I can’t eat this cake, Bihaan will be waiting, I will have food with him, we will end work and go home. They end the work. She asks him to come. He asks her to go, he will come. She sees the door stuck. Dhruv smiles. She tells Dhruv the door is not opening, did it get locked.

He says I think someone locked it from outside. She asks what will we do now. He says don’t worry, someone will open. She says its already late, Bihaan will be waiting, I have to go home. They knock the door. He says its soundproof room no one can hear this, and it can just open by keys, wait, I will call, but I forgot phone in my cabin, now we have to wait. She asks how did it get locked, I did not lock it. he recalls how he locked the door when he entered. He looks at her.

Thapki worried as the door is shut. Dhruv asks her to have cake. She refuses and says Bihaan would be waiting for me. Bihaan waits for Thapki and calls her again and again. Dhruv switches off the lights and acts to get scared. Thapki looks at him. He says I m scared of darkness and hugs her. He asks how did this happen. She says don’t worry, I m here. He holds her hand and asks her not to go anywhere. She moves her hand away and her hand falls on the remote. The lights come. He says thank God, light came, its good you are fine.

She reminds him his words that they have to win over fear, else fear will fail them. He says I remember everything, I felt glad knowing you also remember everything, we got trapped like this one day. She says Bihaan would be waiting, and gets dizzy. She sits on the chair and holds her head. He says I think your sugar level got less, have this cake. She says no. He feeds her the cake, and she stops him. the cake gets on her cheek.

She says I have to go home, Bihaan would be waiting. Dhruv and Thapki manage to go home. Bihaan asks her where was she, he was waiting for her. She says I did not eat anything, first lets eat food. He asks her whats this if you did not eat anything. She says no, cake…. He says I m mad to stay hungry here, I went to your office, you did not meet me and had cake, I thought we will have food together. She asks him to have food, I will have later. She says this is for me, you had food alone, I will also have food alone now. She gets sad. He sits eating alone. Thapki cries. He leaves. Dhruv sees all this and smiles.

Dhruv gives her phone back. Dhruv and Thapki have a talk. Bihaan looks on. Dhruv says you did not had food saying Bihaan is waiting, have this glucose. She says no, I m fine, you go and rest. Dhruv goes. Bihaan feels sad. He goes to Thapki and gives her glucose water. He apologizes to her and says something happened with me in the day, I was upset. She forgives him. Vasundara calls her. He says Thapki you are very good, I love you. She says I love you too Bihaan and goes.

Vasundara shows Thapki and Bihaan’s wedding rings to Dadi and everyone. Dadi says Thapki’s ring is very pretty. Shraddha thinks Vasundara did not give me such ring. Suman says this diamond ring is very nice. Preeti says its called solitaire and they both fight. The ring falls and goes to Dhruv. Dhruv picks it. Dadi says its Thapki’s engagement ring, isn’t it good. Dhruv says its more beautiful than my and Thapki’s engagement ring. They all look at him. he says I know, it’s a very beautiful ring, Thapki will get all the happiness she deserves. Dadi says Mata Rani made Thapki and Bihaan’s Jodi. Vasundara says the big thing is they love each other. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and smiles.

Dhruv gets irked seeing this and holds the ring angrily. He thinks Bihaan, you just see, this Thapki’s engagement will become with me, not you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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