Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

Every one comes out palace, Subhrasi ask where is Samrat Bindu? all are shocked, Sushim says he left behind, Vasu says AShok has gone inside to find if someone is remaining in palace. in dungeon Ashok is crying for bindu, bindu coughs and becomes conscious, Ashok gets happy, he makes him wear his crown, he supports Bindu and both starts leaving.

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Dharma says to Chanakya that Ashok have not come out of palace, Radha sys Bindu has not come out too, palace is falling down, all are worried, Ashok and Bindu comes out, all are relieved, Dharma cries in happiness, chanakya says warriors never lose, Sushim goes and support Bindu, aakramak ask bindu are you fine? he nods, Siamak thanks Ashok for saving Bindu, subaho says Ashok has saved us all, they chant for Ashok, Bindu smiles, Chanakya says fate cannot be cheated, Dharma says now i am understanding what Ashok have in him, if you had not brought Ashok here then who would have saved Maruyas and bindu? i have seen a son in Ashok but you have seen royal king in him. Helena faints, Bindu supports her, Chanakya says its time to talk to Bindu.

All kids are sitting, Vasu and subaho tells them about Ashok investigated the matter and how he saved everyone, Siamak says to AShok that what you have done today, nobody can do this, Ashok sys but many must have died in palace, i wish i could have saved them too, Siamak says but if you have not done what did then we would have not been alive, what if it happens again? Ashok says it will not happen, bindu will make sure and when you will become Samrat then i will be with you as army head.

Sushim comes there and dreams are good to see but yu should not trust them, Ashok says its good to live in some dreams then be over confident, Sushim says i am competitor for Samrat, ashok says its true but you are not doing anything to become Samerat, Sushim says you have done good but you could have saved people who died in palace, you didnt tell anyone about conspiracy as you wanted reward and fame, AShok sys i am sad at deaths but its not true that i wanted reward, i came to talk to you but you insulted me, he leaves.

Bindu says to chanakya that Raj was conspiring such a big thing and i couldnt do anything, he finds deadbodies and says this is all my fault, i trusted that Raj and now my innocent people are bearing consequences, i will find Raj and will give him such a punishment that in future nobody will think to conspire like this, i am angry at myself that such conspiracy was going around me but i couldnt see it, you tried to alert me, you were against this marriage but i didnt listen to you, that small kid AShok could figure out that you are missing and there is something weird about it, i couldnt protect you, i didnt even know that you are kidnapped, i failed as king, i failed, Chanakya says its not time to curse yourself but to take measures for future.

Helena is unconscious, doctor says to Justin that it seems like she has some mental stress which she couldnt bear, Justin ask him to leave, he leaves, Justin sit beside helena, he holds her hand, she wakes up, he leaves her hand and says what if anyone knows that you are acting? you fail everytime and this means that dont have crown and throne in our fate, why dont you leave this stubbornness, helena says what i did was for you only but you dont value all this, we should not spend time in all this, chanakya has doubt on us, what if Bindu gets Raj.

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Raj will tell him everything, you have to make sure that Raj doesnt tell him anything, Jusint says but how can i do this, nicator has betrayed Raj so he will not trust me now, instead he will try to hide from us.
Raj is going from Magdh in cart, cart driver says that way is closed by soldiers, order has passed to close all borders of magdh, we cant go further, Raj thinks what to do? nicator have betrayed me, he must have filled Bindu’s ears against me, soldiers must be finding me, if i get caught then Bindu will not leave me, i have to hide him.
Prime minister says to bindu in court that Raj have conspired everything.

Khurasan sys i will find him at any cost, justin says i was betrayed mostly as i was getting married to her daughter, Helena is unconscious because of all this, so i will go and find Raj, Bindu says i doubt that coward like raj can conspire such a conspiracy, he just made flammable palace, i want to know who tried to see dream of finishing Maurya dynasty, there is someone who knew about secret way out to palace, there was someone who wanted all of us to burn down, Bindu says there is someone betrayer among us only, who would close gates of palace? Prime minister says whom you doubt? Chanakya says i doubt you, you are prime minister but you couldnt see all this, he says i doubt Khurasan, he is army head but how could he allow flammable stones to come in magdh? he says i can doubt nicator as he gave suggestion to Bindu to allow Raj to make palace in his own style, he says we can doubt justin too because you had many marriage proposal but denied all that and you accepted proposal of Raj’s niece, or we can doubt Helena too, all are stunned.

Chanakya says Helena can be involved in this conspiracy because she was most excited for this marriage, Justin says how can you doubt her? she has always served Magdh, she is injured in this incident, bindu says nobody is doubting her love but she brought this proposal, maybe someone fooled her, Justin says even then you cant doubt her, Nicator got injured in all this, i saved Drupat, if we were involved in this then we would have ran away from palace but we all were with you, Bindu says till Raj is not caught, we can not say who was behind all this, Ahenkara is in shock, we cannot ask her anything right now, i want to find truth and i will find it so i am ordering that till truth doesnt come out nobody who is here will not go out of Patliputra, the one who has goodwill for Magdh will follow it, i am doing all this for Magdh, i have an eye one everyone and anyone who will be proved as betrayer will be given such a punishment that all will remember it, he ask chanakya who should find about Raj? chanakya says Aakramak is most deserving for it, Khurasan says how can he be better than me? Bindu says its about intentions, Aakramak saved me in palace so he is deserving for this, he ask prime minister to give this work to Aakramak and provide him aid, Prime minister says sorry to say all are doubted here to be involved in conspiracy but why not Chanakya? Bindu says Chanakya warned me many times about this marriage and he was kidnapped too, Khurasan says maybe he acted like he was kidnapped just to save his skin from circle of doubt, bindu says dont forget he is teacher of me and my father, he showed way to my father and we all here because of him only and you are doubting him? dont do this again.

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Scene 2
Dharma applies balm on Ashok’s wounds, he is in pain, she cries, Ashok says this is nothing, i have seem big wounds than these, she ask arent you afraid? Ashok says warriors overcome fear, Dharma says when did you become so much big? i cant believe that you are same son who used to sleep in my lap, Ashok lies his head his head in her lap and says i am same, Dharma says very less mothers get to see their son being praised by everyone, the way you have handled everything, the way you have saved people it shows that you are great son and human, you will be great warrior for magdh, Ashok says i was in guilt that i lost competition and couldnt make you proud but now everything is fine, Dharma says i am very much happy, you can ask anything from me, Ashok says i will ask when right time comes.
Justin says to Nicator that Chanakya’s men must be finding Raj, if Raj is caught then he will tell everything to Bindu and also Bindu has doubt with me, if you have any idea where Raj can be, Nicator says i told him that we will meet in Mandir where Helena goes but i dont think he will go there, everything is finished, we will not see you as Samrat now, justin sys i am stuck in all this even when i was not involved in this conspiracy, i almost lost my love because of you people but i wont let that happen again, he leaves, Nicator is drunk and says you are a fool, its better to die as betrayer then as hopeless lover.

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Khurasan says to Noor that Bindu has eye on everyone so be careful and not play hide and seek with Justin, Noor says you better think about hide and seek of Dharma with you, Khurasan says i didnt see Dharma coming out of palace, maybe she died in that palace, Noor says maybe she is alive, and it will not be good, Khurasan says Bindu is doubting me that i can conspire about burning him and his sons, i can never be so cruel to kill them like that, Noor says important is that you have to find Dharma and kill her else she will tell everything to Bindu that you tried to kill her many times.

Dharma comes to Chanakya and says Bindu and Khurasan saw me in palace, Khurasan says tried to kill me again, Ashok was taking you to Bindu that to ask about his father, i am afraid by all this

Chanakya says i wanted Ashok to prove himself and his skills only then i will tell his truth to bindu, i decided that when Ashok will win competition, i would take him to Bindu but after it ended, Bindu thought that Sushim deserve to called warrior but today Ashok have proved himself and even bindu is impressed with him but we cant tell truth to him as situation is severe, we have to wait for some more time.

In school, Guru says that bindu wanted to talk to kids so he has come here, Bindu says to kids that i want to tell you that everything is fine and i am happy that future of Magdh is bright, some kids of this school have proved that they will always stand to save magdh, he praises Sushim, Siamak, Vasu and Subaho for their extra efforts in saving people that fire accident, he gifts them gold coins, Bindu says now i will talk about kid who with his skills, with his bravery proved that no evil can win over bad, he saved not only royal family but also many other people, Bindu says only one person deserve to be called great warrior of Magdh that is Ashok, Acharya Kitasarya says you were right, this kid have something in him, he will become something, bindu ask AShok to come forward.

Ashok comes forward, he takes blessing of chanakya, Kita and Bindu, Bindu hugs him and says the valor you showed have forced me to gift you such a thing which only real warrior of magdh deserve,royal sword of Chandragupt muarya is presented, Bindu is about to present him royal sword of chandragupt but Sushim says one minute. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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