Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Friday 15th October 2021 update

Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Friday 15th October 2021 update

Sushim says that can i present this sword to Ashok with my hands? Chanakya says why not, Sushim takes sword, he says to Ashok that you cant fight with insects, what will you do with Sword? Ashok says you can murder easily but its difficult to win without killing anyone and i have that ability, Sushim gives him sword, Ashok takes it and takes Bindu’s blessing, Bindu says i am very much happy, you can ask anything, Ashok says i will ask when right time comes, all chant for AShok, Ashok raises his sword in air, sushim fumes.

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Ashok comes in clinic with Sword, he comes to Dharma and puts sword in her feet, she smiles, Ashok says i fulfilled my promise, bindu has announced me as great warrior and presented me sword of Chandragupt Maurya, Dharma gives it to him and says you deserve it, this sword will give you success but weapon can take humanity out of you, it can make you stone hearted.

Ashok says i wont let that happen but you saw what enemies can do we have to punish me, dharma says punishment is not to give them pain but real punishment is when you make criminal feel that he did wrong, you put in his heart that he is guilty and he should repent, that is real punishment, Ashok thinks, Ashok says the way i have chosen, its difficult to avoid violence, what if become army head and go on wars, its my duty to protect my land and violence is.. Dharma says the way you find reasons to go on war, same way you can find way to avoid it.

Ashok says what if there is no other way but to do war, dharma says peace can be brought but its difficult and you will win only when you bring peace, Ashok says i am understanding all your talks, Dharma says i have faith that you will follow my path, you will not do violence but will free people from pain like you did to me when you were born.

Dasi comes to Khurasan and says Siamak is not seen anywhere, Khurasan says he goes to store room when he is sad, lets see there. Siamak is in store room, he recalls how soldier attacked Noor in palace and he couldnt do anything, Khurasan comes there, Siamak hides.

Khurasan sees him and ask what you are doing here? Siamak says they will kill us all, Khurasan says nothing will happen, we all are alive, Siamak says what if they attack again? we are not strong, Khurasan says come to senses, you cant be afraid like this, you are a khursanni, you have to become Samrat, you can talk like this, dont cry, he takes him from there, Charu have listened all this, she smirks.

charu comes to Sushim and prime minister, she says we have got opportunity, i saw Siamak shivering, khurasan was saying to him to not cry, sushim says i didnt know he was such a coward, Charu says i am not telling all this so that you can joke, you have to prove that you are brave boy, you can fight with all odds so that Bindu can starts seeing Samrat in you, you have to find out who is behind this conspiracy and then Bindu will be impressed with you, Ahenkara can help you in this.

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Ahenkara is lying on bed, Sushim comes there and ask how are you? she wakes up, he sit beside her, she says for once i thought you will think that i am betrayer too but then i realized that our love is strong, i didnt know my father is involve in all this, i didnt go with him i thought its better to die than to betray you, Sushim ask do you know who was involved with your father? Ahenkara says i dont know anything, dont doubt me, my love is pure, Sushim says i am not doubting you, i love you, he hugs her, Sushim thinks that you will take me to my destination so i have to take care of you.

Justin says to bindu that Helena is unsconsious, i cant see her in pain, i want to go to mandir where Helena used to go to pray for her, Bindu says i am worried for her too, i will come with you, Justin says no you are needed here, you have to protect magdh, i will go alone, Bindu allows him, he leaves.

Chanakya says to Radha that we need Vrahmir, he can tell us many things, Ashok comes there, Radha leaves, Chanakya says you want me to go to Bindu with you so that he can ask me about your father, Ashok says i want that too but for now, i have some other concern.

Ashok says to Chanakya that i feel someone from family is involved in all this conspiracy, Chanakya says its true, we have to find out truth, Bindu also want to know about them, Ashok says i wanna help you in this, Chanakya ask whom you doubt? Ashok says the one i doubt are Helena, Justin, when i think about them, i get some questions about them, chanakya smile and says the way you saved all, i am really impressed with all this, Ashok says i wish to become savior of Bindu, the love he has given me, i want to face all the toubles and danger before Bindu which comes his way.
Chanakya and Ashok comes to Bindu, Chanakya says Ashok wanna say something. Ashok says i have given my life to protect this land and for land, his king is most important so i want to become your savior.

Bindu laughs and you are not that big, Ashok says i have saved you before too, trust me i will not let any danger come to you, Bindu says but its difficult, Ashok says you have called me great warrior and nothing is difficult for me, you promised me to give anything i want, i want this, Chanakya ask Bindu to fulfill promise, Bindu says ok from now on you will be with me like shadow, AShok thanks him, chanakya thinks Ashok is on way to become Samrat.

bindu gets up in morning and goes to do pooja, Ashok comes there and follows his steps and do pooja together, Bindu ask Ashok do you do pooja every morning?

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Ashok says no but i will do from now on as i want to follow your steps, bindu says like my son, AShok says i am your son as common men are kids of king, bindu says i get impressed with your thoughts, you have something in you, how much stressed i am, i feel good when i talk to you, your father is unfortunate to not meet you, did Chanakya tell you about your father? AShok says he has promised me that after catching enemies, he will make me meet my father.

chanakya says to Radha that Justin is going to Mandir to pray for Helena, Radha says but i have never seen going to Mandir, Chanakya say he must have gone to meet Raj or Vrahmir, dharma comes there and says what you did? why did you make Ashok close to Bindu more? what if they know truth? chanakya says that day is not far when i will make them meet as father and son.

Noor says to Khurasan that bindu is mad for dharma, you have to find her and kill her, Khurasan says i cant even kill an ant now, bindu is doubting me, he has asked Aakramak to keep an eye on me, my son died to save Bindu and he is doubting me, Noor says what will you do then?

Khurasan says i have to redeem myself in Bindu’s eyes, i have to find who did this conspiracy and tell it to Bindu, he ask if Justin knew about this conspiracy, Noor says i dont think so, Khurasan says i know Justin is involved in all this as he said yes for marriage when he didnt have any interest in Agnishikha, try to find some clue from Justin, it will help me and Siamak.

Bindusara gets angry and attacks statue thinking of Raj, Ashok says if you want to fight then fight with me, bindu says go from here else i can hurt you in my anger, Ashok says my mother says that anger is biggest enemy of person and if to clam you, i can die then i am ready for it, he takes out his sword, both fight, AShok says i want you to bring out your anger so that it doesnt hurt you, Ashok falls because of Bindu’s attack, bindu ask did it hurt? Ashok says not much that can hurt my will, he gets up and fights again, this time Bindu falls on ground, Ashok ask did it hurt? bindu says not much that it can hurt my will, he gets up and laughs, he hugs Ashok.

Justin says to Siamak that you are a warrior, Siamak says but i am afraid, Justin says we should not get afraid and prepare ourselves for future, you will not get anything by getting afraid, but you have to work hard and make yourself strong, go and play, Siamak leaves, Noor hugs Justin.

Bindu is coming to Noor’s room, Noor says to justin that i know you knew about conspiracy from before, why are you going to Mandir? Justin says i am going to meet Raj to make him understand that dont take our name, all i want to say is that i have no involvement in all this, Noor hugs him and says i am at peace now, i want you to spend more time with Siamak so that Siamak can become like you, Bindu comes there, Noor and justin move away, justin ask Bindu did you talk to siamak? he is afraid, i talked to him, i was making Noor understand too, i will leave now, Siamak comes and hugs Bindu, justin doesnt like it and leaves, Bindu caresses Siamak.

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Nicator comes to helena who is acting like unconscious, he says i will eat here only, he orders food and ask all to leave, all leaves, Helena gets up and is happy to find food, Nicator says eat as much as you want as it can be our last food, Helena says justin is going to meet Raj, nicator says Aakramak has eye on everyone.

Bindu says to soldier that we have to find Raj, charu comes there, Ashok leaves, Charu ask did you find about Raj? your son is becoming adult and he has started loving a girl and that is Ahenkara, Bindu is stunnes, Sushim comes and says i used to love her but i love my land most, ahenkara can give us clue about Raj.

Helena says to Nicator that if get caught then we are gone, we have to find Raj and make him understand that he should remain silent, they find someone coming, Helena acts like unconscious, Chanakya looks in their room and finds food there, chanakya says once Raj is found then she will become conscious too.

sushim says to Bindu that you should give death sentence to Ahenkara, Bindu ask why? Sushim says she knows about her father’s conspiracy still she doesnt want to give statement against Raj, bindu says but who is witness against her to tell that she is purposely saving her father, Sushim says i am witness, i am ready to give statement against her, Ashok is also there, Charu says you love her, sushim says when it is about my land then i can give up everything, before palace got fire, she told me that his father wants to revenge us, she even asked me to not tell this to anyone, Bindu says you broke her promise.

Sushim says i did it for my land, it can be true that Ahenkara is involved in all this, Raj will definitely get caught but Ahenkara can become dangerous, she can have desire of revenge too in future, so its better to give her death sentence, Bindu says i cant give her as her fault is not proved yet, sushim says its ok if you dont want to punish her but you an announce her death sentence, this way Raj will definitely try to meet her and in process we will catch him, bindu thinks.

Ashok says thinks till when this selfish person started talking about land and magdh? there is something more to it, i will talk to Ahenkara. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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