Dowen College principal queried me for releasing final moments of my son: Bereaved Father

dowen college principal queried me for releasing final moments of my son bereaved father

Sylvester Oromoni, the father of late Dowen College schoolboy has revealed that the school’s principal queried him for releasing the videos and photos of his son’s final moments. 

Speaking on Arise TV, Mr Oromoni claims the school did not reach out to his family during their child’s ordeal.

“The only time the principal called was when he told me that why did I take those pictures when he was passing through pains and why did I send it to the public that the boy is a very handsome boy,” Mr Oromoni said.

Sylvester Oromoni Junior died after he was reportedly tortured by fellow students for refusing to join a cult group.

After the student’s demise, the management, in a statement, claimed that Oromoni Junior only sustained injuries while playing football.

The family of the deceased, however, released video and photos countering the school’s claims. The videos saw young Oromoni groan in pain, with his lips swollen and blood spotted on his teeth.

The deceased’s father noted that “when the incident happened till the day the boy died, nobody called us, the principal did not call, the housemaster did not call.” Nonetheless, he said only a teacher who had taught him in JSS 1 reached out to the family. 

Mr Oromoni said the principal complained that “anybody that sees those pictures will be scared and even herself was scared of opening those pictures.”

He said that he thereafter accused the principal of a cover up on the circumstances surrounding his son’s death.

“I told her madam, I saw your press statement, you’re not telling people the truth. I sent her a text when the boy died, I said madam, you have children , please I need thorough investigations,” Mr Oromoni said.

“I sent the housemaster a message that I want thorough investigations when the school was saying that it was as a result of football or he fell on the football pitch, I don’t think that statement is true,” he added.

Earlier, Mr Oromoni, in an interview with The Cable alleged that parents of students responsible for torturing his son were planning to fly them out of the country. 

“The parents of the boys are wealthy. They withdrew them. The school called the parents to pick their wards; interviewed them. Some of the parents are planning to fly the children out of the country,” Mr Oromoni alleged while disclosing that Oromoni Junior was also given a chemical substance.

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