Dominik Mysterio Thought He Would Go Home With Eddie Guerrero If He Won Custody Feud In 2005

Dominik Mysterio Thought He Would Go Home With Eddie Guerrero If He Won Custody Feud In 2005

Dominik Mysterio gave his perspective of the feud between his father, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerro in the summer of 2005 in a recent interview on ‘Out of Character with Ryan Satin.’ 

The storyline was how Eddie was his father and not Rey, but Eddie gave him to Rey because Rey couldn’t have kids. They ended up having a ladder match with the winner getting custody of Dominik.

“It was crazy being a kid and being on TV. I think the most exciting part about all of that was being away from school. I was in the third grade and the last thing I wanted to do was be in school. I was getting to travel with dad and ride tricycles all around the arena so why would I want to be in school? I would come back to school and all the teachers would be curious on what my home life was like because they didn’t know if my dad was my dad or Eddie was my dad or if there was this actual custody battle for me.”

“Some of the teachers had to pull my mom aside or my dad aside when they’d come pick me up and ask them what’s the deal because they didn’t think it was healthy. Overall I think the kids were curious too like who my dad was but I had to tell them I’m pretty sure my dad is Rey Mysterio. They even had me hooked at one point like what’s going on here.”

“I don’t think I thought about it but I thought I would eventually go home with Eddie if he won. I genuinely thought I’d probably end up going home with him because I remember them telling me they wanted to do this storyline and my dad pitched it to me and I was all on board with it but I remember asking after like what’s going to happen afterwards. I remember thinking as a kid like what if my dad doesn’t win and I have to go home with Eddie? I never actually asked that but I thought about it. Personally, I would sit there and think about it.”

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