Damian Priest On Training With New York Of Full Contact

Damian Priest On Training With New York Of Full Contact

During his interview with SuperLuchas, Damian Priest spoke on his time training with New York Of Full Contact. Here’s what he had to say:

I was two times National Champion in New York of Full Contact, without gloves or a helmet. So for me, it is the same to enter the WWE ring now than before with the same mentality of war. I will defend my life in the ring except that I’m just not trying to hurt whoever I’m wrestling with. We really hit each other, my hardcore match last Monday against Sheamus on Raw proves it. The public is not stupid – they can watch the UFC, and now that WWE is in High Definition, you see everything that happens. It can no longer be like in the old days. I am a huge fan of the UFC, but in my fights in Full Contact, I have not knocked out anyone. In the street, yes, I have knocked out [people] working in clubs, drunk guys or some crazy guy.

You can check it out HERE.

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Credit: SuperLuchas.

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