Curse of the sands on zee world, Friday 24th September 2021 update

Sunanda tries to stop Amar who was furious and breaks the mirror in the room through his fist punch. Amar says he loves Ananya dearly, and still Sunanda sent her to Shiv; Ananya belongs to him only and no one will be able to stop him.

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After Amar had left the room, Sunanda smiles repeating ‘Mohini ki Maya… Koi Nahi Bach Paya’. Late at night, Sunanda was preparing her tantric potion. Mishra watched through the window. Kamal returns home. Sunanda prepares the hot hypnotic potion and thinks she must give this to Kamal at any cost. She comes to the room, wipes Kamal’s sweat from his forehead and requests him to wear the drink she prepared for him. Mishra ji who stood behind the door deliberately pushes the door, and the glass slips off Kamal’s hand. Sunanda was irked. Mishra ji apologizes and leaves. Sunanda thinks she can’t do anything right now, she needs to prepare for the night as it’s the first step of her destination. Tomorrow, she will work on Kamal’s medicine once again.

Curse Of The Sands Teasers June 2021

Curse Of The Sands Teasers June 2021

Late at night, Sunanda had set up the tantric corner. She laughs that its Puranmasi night. Shiv had just returned home. He receives a call from Ananya who called him for help to the forest. Shiv hurries to the forest.

Sunanda says today, Shiv will turn into evil once again. And in his furor, he would either kill his love, or his brother. Shiv follows Ananya’s voice for help and runs there. He reaches a spot where Ananya had set up a romantic platform for them. Shiv complains he was tensed because of this. Ananya encircles his neck and apologizes. She didn’t intend to put him in trouble, but since Amar came home Shiv doesn’t give time to her. She wanted to take him at a far off place and spend some lone time with him. Shiv apologizes, as she was extremely excited about Amar. She replies one must never apologize for spending time with family. She leads Shiv to the table where dinner had been served. She tries to attract Shiv, who finally carries her in his arms to a swing. They spend some cozy moments inside the tent camp.

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Mohini held two puppets, rubbing red sindoor over them. She places them under direct moonlight, and says death is written for any one of them under this moonlight. The devil will kill at least one of them.
Shiv felt cold in the camping tent. Ananya covers them under a single shawl, placing her head over his shoulder.

Amar watches this from behind the tent. He recalls Sunanda had taken him back into her room. Sunanda told Amar that its full moon night, Shiv will be overcome by his devilish powers. He will attack Ananya and Amar can save Ananya. He must rest assure the Rudraksh isn’t there in Shiv’s neck. Amar recollects obtaining the Rudraksh by placing a hurdle in Shiv’s way over him he slipped. He takes a photo of the Rudraksh and sends the snap to Mohini.

Shiv spots the full moon. His smile vanishes at once. He tells Ananya its full moon night. Ananya tells Shiv they need to overcome their fears now. He must get rid of this idea that he can hurt her. She wants to hold his hand for lifetime and marry him. Shiv thinks about all his dreams. He was at once uncomfortable and denies marrying her. Ananya wasn’t ready to hear a no. They will marry each other as soon as Dai Maa is here. Shiv walks ahead, annoyed. Ananya says she loves Shiv, doesn’t he love her and wish for her companionship. She grabs his collar but he gets rid of the grip and moves ahead. Ananya questions why Shiv is falling so weak. Their companionship is difficult, their relation isn’t normal; but it’s not impossible. Shiv replies he is afraid of losing her, or hurting her. The thought takes away his life that… Ananya wasn’t ready to understand. Whether their relationship is fated for marriage, or their ways are apart from right away. Shiv minds Ananya he can’t push her into death well deliberately. Ananya turns to see the lit fire. She thinks Shiv believes he will take her life. Today, she must prove to him that her death can reach her from other path too

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inside the bushes. She screams as Shiv pulls her with her hair. She pleads Shiv to leave her but he drags her by her hair. Shiv clutches her neck, pulling her high above the floor. Amar reaches Shiv and beats him from behind. He was startled to see Shiv’s black eyes. Shiv kicks Amar who falls a distance apart. He now watches Ananya who had fallen unconscious. Shiv pulls her down and bends to bite her neck. Once again, Amar hits Shiv from behind. Shiv drops Ananya and pushes Amar back with full force. Amar and Ananya hide behind a tree.

Amma ji, Rekha, Kamal and Ketki sat together around the fire. They all waited for tea. Sunanda was there on the roof, laughs devilishly and enjoys her powers to fly two pots in the air and crash them. Everyone from the family hears the strange noise. Amma ji goes to teach a good lesson to neighborhood boys assuming it was them. Sunanda uses her eye flash to light a street bulb. She says when the time was theirs she suffered, but now the will suffer. She multiplies herself, flying in the air. She wished to show each one from the family who the real witch is.

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Amar and Ananya were hidden behind the tree while Shiv came looking for her. Amar pulls a dagger and attacks Shiv from behind. Ananya stops Amar and says he is his brother. He can’t kill Shiv when he isn’t in his senses. Shiv pulls Ananya again. She looks for his Rudraksh, hits her forehead with Shiv’s and runs away with Amar.

Amma ji comes upstairs on the roof and was startled to see Sunanda. She scolds Sunanda for not bringing the tea. There, Rekha sends Ketki to look for Sunanda. Sunanda replies to Amma ji if she is fond of enjoying tea, she will give her a good dose. Ketki reaches to see Sunanda twist Amma ji’s hand.

There, the second duplicate of Sunanda brings tea for Rekha. Rekha screams why Sunanda didn’t bring tea in time; she will burn in hell if her mother in law suffer. Sunanda asks Rekha if she is done. Kamal was aggressive over her behavior. Sunanda throws the warm tea over Rekha’s face, who now screams in pain. Kamal questions Sunanda what she means. He was about to raise a hand over her. Ketki comes running and tells them that Sunanda is twisting Amma ji’s hand. Ketki turns around and was frightened.
The third Sunanda enjoyed a few moments with Mishra ji. They family looks towards all the three copies together. They were terrified all at once. Sunanda says she will now show each of them her real face.

Ananya was unable to walk. Shiv came from behind. They spot a tree with a temple and walk towards it. Amar was pulled back by Shiv. keep visiting for fastest updates.

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