Cody Rhodes Shares Heartwarming Story About Dusty Rhodes One Day Before His Birthday

AEW superstar and Executive VP Cody Rhodes took to Instagram this evening to share a story about his late father, Dusty Rhodes, one night before the American Dream’s birthday. Cody recalls a training moment with his dad during his WWE days, stating that he hopes to use the lessons he was taught to his daughter Liberty.

Happy Birthday Dusty – I hate today/I love today. Quick story: back at Mania’ in Miami, I had a rehearsal with my opponent and we shared the ballroom(where the rings were kept) with the main event…so I was slightly nervous already. During the discussion I heard a commotion coming from the closed doors and then my Dad flew into the room w/a security officer trailing saying he couldn’t be there – “I can be everywhere”- he sauntered up to my ring and proclaimed loudly “Cody over with his finish right in the middle”. Everybody in the room laughed but me; red faced and embarrassed I got out of the ring and under my breath murmured he needed to leave and I loved him. Paul W looked at me after and with wisdom/grace said “that may bother you now…but it’ll mean a lot to you in the future” – I would give anything for him to be on the other side of any door these days. We lost you, but time gave me Liberty. Thank you for teaching me how to be not just your son but your partner. I will do my best to teach her. I love you.

Check it out below.

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