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Jubna: Native Ad network increasing revenue streams for Nigerian publishers

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Finding new ways to generate revenue is a very key part of surviving as a Nigerian publishing company given the current economic conditions in Nigeria and intense competition for the attention of online readers. Since Q4 of 2021 more publishers in Nigeria have leveraged the immense power of highly engaging native format ads on their pages that match the interests of users and translate to more revenue for publishers with consistent performance that shows native ads work better than traditional ads when served in the right way.  

Jubna prides itself as one of the leading native ads providers in Africa that help dozens of Tier 1 publishers generate more revenue opportunities by facilitating a relationship between publishers and performance advertisers looking to advertise different products and services, all through one simple code integration.

Jubna’s decision to venture into Africa is a strategic decision that represents a huge growth opportunity for Jubna and it’s why the Dubai-based native ad network is taking steps to cement its footprint in the country and the african region.

Jubna’s main guiding principle is that users prefer to see ads that don’t disrupt their online reading experience and that match their interests. Jubna’s unique native ad formats have helped guide different online readers’ experiences in ways that have helped relevant advertisers achieve results.

Compared to all the other native advertising platforms in Nigeria, Jubna has the highest number of monthly users reach with over 20 million users and serves close to 40% of internet web traffic in Nigeria. The company has also been able to partner with top Nigerian publishers like Guardian, Dailytrust, Politics Nigeria, Daily Post, and Leadership while also working with publishers in regions like Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

Jubna’s goal is to replicate its impressive record in the MENA region in Nigeria where the company has worked with 500 publishers, with an estimated 300 Million user reach and over 3 Billion recommendations in the MENA region.

One key to Jubna’s growth has been its incorporation of machine learning algorithms which helps businesses target their ads more accurately and thus see a higher return on investment which results in more revenue for publishers in Jubna’s network.

Many advertisers trust Jubna’s platform because they believe their message is getting through to the people who are most likely to be interested in them. Jubna helps advertisers optimize their campaigns, as they can direct their advertising budget towards people who are most likely to buy their products or services as well as target customers who are interested in a particular topic with ads for related products or services.

As the company continues to create new native ad solutions, advances in technology are at the heart of Jubna’s strategies. Combined with a great user experience, Jubna is tapping into the immense power of technology and data to create a virtuous circle – one in which increasing consumer engagement and attention can lead to the capture of more data and more insights into what it’s partners want. 

Speaking on how Jubna’s has been providing opportunities for Nigerian publishers, the CEO of Jubna, Basel Sayaf, had this to say: “After taking the lead in MENA, Jubna now brings its 8 years of Ad-tech experience to the African region and we are committed to providing leading web publishers in Africa with new monetization solutions, connecting them with hundreds of advertisers from around the world through our simple and intuitive platform.”

Commenting further on how Jubna is providing more opportunities for Publishers and Advertisers Marketing and Growth Manager Babajide Esho who leads the African team further went on to say “Jubna’s value proposition was developed fully to benefit our publishers and this is why we have recorded impressive growth over the last 6 months. We have created value for many Nigerian publishers with services that have been crafted with the Nigerian publisher in mind. It is also important to note that Jubna is the only native ad network in Nigeria with a fully local team ready to assist publishers optimize their user experience and fully utilize the monetization potential of their web properties.”

The Digital economy industry in Nigeria is expected to reach $1.6Billion in 2022 and Jubna is hoping to be part of the growing economy in Nigeria with its business activities that surely would create benefits for individuals and wider economic and social benefits through improved welfare outcomes, skills and education, job creation and productivity.

For more information on Jubna’s products and services visit www.jubna.com/ng or send an email to [email protected]