Alicia Atout On MLW Revamping Its Women’s Division

Alicia Atout On MLW Revamping Its Women’s Division

During her appearance on WINCLY, Alicia Atout spoke on how excited she is to see MLW revamp its women’s division. Here’s what she had to say:

I think it’s awesome. I know that this is something MLW has wanted for a really long time. We had kind of teased it a while back, and then the pandemic happened. It just made no sense to launch a whole new brand when, at the time, you could barely run shows in itself. I know that we had a little bit of a fall back in terms of that, and it was completely out of our hands, so the fact that we are back, it’s live shows, fans are there, and now we have all of these super cool females in our locker room who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years working at Shimmer and RISE. Having Dave [Prazak] in the back who have known these women for so long, he’s a wealth of knowledge, and I got to work with him doing those Shimmer and RISE shows and it’s amazing. I always say, I don’t care what you are, male, female, whatever you believe in, I don’t care. If you can wrestle and you’re good, I’m gonna watch you and I’m gonna appreciate you, appreciate the hell out of you. And these females can wrestle! There was one match that just blew me away at those last tapings, and I can’t wait for everyone to watch it. I’m completely all for it.

You can listen HERE.

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Credit: WINCLY.

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