A touch of love on glow tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

A touch of love on glow tv, Thursday 14th October 2021 update

Dhruv says he can’t marry now, as he has much work to do. Vasundara smiles and says he can do work after marriage and all his life. Thapki is perfect for him and she will complete this family, lucky man will get her as his wife, so think well and decide. Dhruv smiles. Thapki shows her dresses and Aditi and Poonam do not like it. Thapki says I don’t have any more dresses. Krishnakant asks her to buy a special dress for the party. He says we will go for shopping.

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Bau ji is annoyed with Dhruv. Dadi comes to have food and scolds Vasundara for serving her hot roti. Suman and Rachna smile. Vasundara gives her cool roti. Dadi scolds her for giving cool roti. Vasundara gives her roti pot and asks her to have anything. Bihaan comes and Bau ji asks him to join them. Bihaan holds Dhruv’s chair and Vasundara stops him from sitting on it. Bihaan says I know Maa, I can’t take Dhruv’s place even by mistake, I came to take this stool. Bau ji asks him to sit by his side.

Bau ji asks his nephews to give all business documents to Bihaan. Vasundara sees Bau ji and Bihaan’s good and gets sad. She thinks Bihaan is so close to him, just Thapki will bring Dhruv close to him. Thapki is out on shopping with her family. Krishnakant asks her not to see rates and just choose a good dress. Thapki likes a dress and its cheap too. She buys it. Diwakar comes there with Nimmi and her daughter. Krishnakant says we came to get bridal dress for Thapki’s office party. Nimmi says she came to get dress for my daughter, I got Diwakar along. Poonam says we will leave.

Diwakar stops them and smiles. Thapki cries. He says we will take their opinion and do shopping with them, they are also like family.

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Nimmi and her daughter request Thapki to stay and help them in choosing the bridal dress. They see the clothes. Nimmi’s daughter goes to attend call from parlor. Diwakar asks Thapki to try it. Nimmi tries the lahenge on Thapki. Thapki gets teary eyed. Diwakar sees the red one and asks her to try that one, reminding her broken relation. Krishnakant says he will not stay for more time, and takes them.

Bihaan and his friend have a talk about Aditi scolding him, and come to a watermelon stall. The man asks him to wait in queue and Bihaan gets angry. He keeps watermelon on the man’s head and the man apologizes. Bihaan aims and shoots at the melons. Bihaan scolds him and asks him to get lost. He says they have to vacate a place and goes. Dhruv says I m ready office and sees the shirt. He recalls Thapki’s words to have colors in life.

Thapki gets Dhruv’s call and talks about work. He asks is she coming in party, and thinks what will she think about me, and asks her to come for discussing about sting operation. She says I will come. Thapki tells her parents that she will go in party, Dhruv has some work. They ask her to take Aditi. Thapki says she has interview today, I will go alone. He says fine. Diwakar hears them and plans revenge on Thapki.

Krishnakant coming to his office and the boss asks him to do his work. He asks him to clean office and make tea for him. Krishnakant agrees and feels bad. Thapki calls him and asks did he get late to reach. He says he reached on time. She asks how is his first day.

He sees the sweepstick in his hand and asks her not to worry, he is fine. He asks her to prepare well for the party. Poonam sees Thapki in the plate and turns to see her. Thapki looks gorgeous in the pink dress. Thapki pyaar ki……..plays……… Aditi says you look awesome. They all hug like Thapki’s new look and compliment her that she looks a princess. Shubh asks her to take any heroine’s name. They laugh. Aditi asks him to use mind in studies.

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She says Thapki will make many people faint by her looks, everyone will stare at her. Thapki asks shall I go now. Aditi asks her to enjoy. Thapki leaves. Bihaan and his friends come there and ask for the address. Krishnakant comes home and everyone ask about his day, boss will praise him a lot right. Krishnakant gets sad and lies. Shubh says he wants to come to his office. Poonam asks Krishnakant was everything fine at office. He says yes, its all good. Bihaan comes to them, and smiles.

Krishnakant asks who is he. Bihaan says lets sit and talk. Krishnakant asks whats this misbehavior. Bihaan introduces himself and says he has come to take rent.

Aditi comes and says you. Bihaan says so she is the temple one and they both argue. She tells Krishnakant that this is mad man who want to get me married in temple. He says he has come to vacate her house. Aditi scolds him and asks him to leave. He asks her to lower tone, this time its sure news, he wants to take rent. Krishnakant says they did not come a month ago, he has signed on rent papers.

Bihaan says you are elder uncle, so I m saying with respect, vacate this house and give me money, else… Aditi says what else, we will not vacate the house. Bihaan says fine, over and out. The men start vacating their house. Aditi gets angry and shouts stop this drama, I will call police. Bihaan acts cool and smiles. Aditi puts water on Bihaan and troubles him. Bau ji calls Bihaan.

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He asks did he vacate the house. Bihaan says he is our of Trivedi’s house. Aditi says hello, we are Chaturvedi, not Trivedi. Bihaan says Bau ji I will call later, there is some confusion. Bihaan realizes his mistake and says I came to vacate Trivedi’s home. Aditi says is he mad, idiot. He starts leaving. She asks him to put all the things back at home with respect, he did mistake and will rectify it. Bihaan asks his friend to do it and leaves.

Thapki comes in party and Dhruv stares at her. Mere bina mai…….. plays……….. The lady says Sir. He realizes its not Thapki. Sakshi congratulates him that the channel completed 5 years.

He says thanks, and asks did everyone come. She says yes. He looks for Thapki. He says he has come work. She asks him to enjoy party, he can work later. He says I will just come. She says this color suits you. He comes in cabin. paaya………..plays………. He imagines Thapki saying weather forecast. He thinks why is he seeing Thapki everywhere and calls Kaka to send water. He sees Thapki bringing water and smiles.

Its Kaka, Dhruv thanks him and drinks water. He says he will go out and sit, maybe this won’t happen then. Thapki comes there and bumps into him. He looks at her and thinks he is imagining her. He says not again, and goes.

She says Sir, what happened. He looks at her and says nothing. She says congrats. He touches her face and realizes she is not here. She asks what is he… He says sorry, actually you… He sees her looking stunning. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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