A touch of love on glow tv, Friday 15th October 2021 update

A touch of love on glow tv, Friday 15th October 2021 update

Dhruv realizies Thapki is really present and takes the bouquet. He thanks her and smiles. Suman and Rachna talk to Vasundara. Dhurv says he wants to celebrate in special way today. He says he will cut the cake today and everyone clap. Sakshi is shocked.

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He cuts the cake and makes Thapki eat first. Sakshi gets jealous seeing this. Dhruv says he has realized what she has done for him in last few days, and brought change in him, thanks for that. Bihaan sees Vasundara’s gift for Dhruv as my best son. She says there was just one at shop, else I would have got it for you. He says its fine, I have a complaint, ask anything and I can give my life too.

She says she will ask him when she needs. He takes sweets and leaves.

Sakshi says the channel 365 complete 5 years, and its just starting now, they have to go ahead and promises Dhruv. Everyone claps. They play a game of dumb charades and if the guy says the name of the movie, he will become dance partner of that girl. Sakshi gets kuch kuch hota hai on her chit and messages Dhruv to read it and say the name, then they will become dance partners. Dhruv does not read her message

Vivek says kuch kuch hota hai and gets happy to dance with Sakshi. She asks him to be in his limit and not act smart.

Thapki is asked to come and say name of the movie by actions. She sees Dhruv going to attend a call. She gets the chit of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Thapki starts signing, and a staff gossips that they can’t understand her talk, what will they understand this. Vivek says no one is understanding her movie name. Sakshi says even if anyone knows, he won’t say, who will wish to dance with her. Dhruv comes back and says Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Everyone clap.

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Dhruv just goes and Thapki thanks Lord. Sakshi sees her sandals left as Thapki is near the office temple praying. Sakshi breaks the heels. She says she will enjoy the dance, all the best. The man asks everyone to come forward for the paper dance.

Thapki says she did not do such dance before, she did just bharatnatyam, its new for her. Dhruv says its okay, relax, I m here. He gives his hand and asks shall we. They dance on the song ishq wala love. the music stops and the paper is folded. Thapki comes near Dhruv. She holds his hand and is tensed. Sakshi looks at her waiting for her fall. She thinks why is sandal not breaking.

Thapki and Dhruv dance again on the song mere bina mai………. They have an eyelock. Dhruv imagines dancing with her with no one around. The man says now just three couples are left and one will be winner, lets see. Dhruv folds the paper. Dhruv gets close to Thapki. Sakshi loses out and looks at Thapki, waiting for her fall. Thapki loses balance by her sandal and looks at the sandal. She holds Dhruv.

Thapki loose balance by her sandal breaking. Dhruv holds her and does not let her fall. He pulls her towards him and she hugs him. She closes her eyes and puts her feet on his feet. She says sorry, my sandals broke. He smiles. The other couple loses the round. Dhruv and Thapki win and everyone clap for them.

They get the dancing idol award and Thapki smiles. The man says Dhruv did not participated in party since 5 years, may we know the reason for this miracle today. Dhruv says congrats for the success of the channel, and thanks them for their commitment. He says he did not enjoy till now in parties, the reason is someone special who made me realize the colors in life.

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Thapki looks at him. he wishes the staff all the best. Thapki clears to Dhruv about the hug, she held him so that they don’t lose, I know you don’t like to lose. He says I don’t like that you get hurt. He says he will get new ones. She says she will fix the heels with glue, she always keeps, and it ended yesterday. He says its in his cabin, we will go there and you can fix. He gets a call and asks her to go, he will come there after attending imp call. She goes. Bihaan comes there and greets Kaka. Bihaan brings sweets and his friends keeps it there. Thapki gets hurt and Bihaan asks what is she doing here. She stammers and asks who are they.

Bihaan and his friend laugh on her stammering. She says she works here. Bihaan angrily tells her to talk in low tone and not point finger on him. She gets tensed. He scolds her and leaves. He meets Dhruv and says congrats, I have come to give mum’s gift and sweets for the staff. Dhruv smiles and says mum just worries. Bihaan says its love, and lucky people get it. Dhruv asks him to join party. Bihaan says I will leave. A man comes in the party and has come to meet Thapki.

Bihaan leaves and does not see him. Thapki is shocked seeing him. Diwakar says he is Thapki’s friend, she has called him. Thapki scolds him and asks him not to come here again. She gets Aditi’s call and goes to Dhruv’s cabin to talk to her. Thapki says she is fine, she will come home and talk to her.

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Diwakar comes to her and she asks him to go. He says he has come for her. He says I know you still love me. She says stop this drama. He says I understood you were excited about our marriage, you did not forget me, so you cry seeing me, I can’t see tears in your eyes. She asks what nonsense, I don’t love you, I just hate you.

She asks him to go. He holds her and says try to understand, I misunderstood you, I have seen your weakness, it was my mistake, you stammer but you are beautiful, I decided I will marry Nimmi’s daughter for wife, I will keep you as my wife, no one will know about our relation. She slaps him angrily. She says he is more cheap than she thought, don’t dare to come infront of us. He stops her and asks her to understand, please become mine.

Dhruv looks for Thapki and asks Sakshi. She says she does not know. He calls Thapki and her phone is in bag. She calls for help. Diwakar holds her and does not let her go. Thapki cries and shouts for help, while Dhruv calls her.

My comments: the writer has given too much importance to divaker, which is too much. kind of starting to dislike the serial cos of divaker. they are dragging divakers character way too much.
writer should write atleast 2 slaps and few punches on chest of divaker in the script.


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