Curse of the sands on zee world, Saturday 18th September 2021 update

Ananya ties the Rudraksh around Shiv’s neck. He turns human at once. Ananya was relieved. Kamal stood in a state of shock, Shiv’s words echo in his mind while he hadn’t yet changed his pose as well.

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Curse Of The Sands Teasers June 2021

Curse Of The Sands Teasers June 2021

Ananya asks Shiv what he has done. Her Papa has seen her Satanic face, what if he tells everyone now. She questions why he loses a grip over himself.

Sunanda watches Kamal stand in the hall as a statue. She wonders what happened to Kamal and taps on his shoulder. Kamal didn’t hear and instead walks outside, quizzically.

Dai Maa was thoughtful about the strange call and then the child. She receives a call from Sher Singh. Sher Singh says there is a young guy inquiring about Kunwar Sa. Dai Maa tells him to keep an eye, she will soon reach Behramgarh.

Ananya asks Shiv why he was so angry. Kamal is her father. Shiv says this doesn’t mean he can raise a hand over her, he won’t bear anyone hurt her. Ananya asks what about his other face that Kamal now knows, what if he tells everyone about it. Shiv agrees and wonders why he didn’t think about it. He requests Ananya to confirm outside if Kamal told someone or not. Ananya was afraid what if he had already told someone. Shiv clutches his Rudraksh and tells Ananya not to worry, nothing will go wrong.

In the kitchen, Ananya was taking the tray of food. Kamal stops her way. Sunanda and Ketki watch through a distance. Kamal asks Ananya where she is taking the food. Ananya replies she is taking it to her room, they will eat there. Kamal shouts what they are upto, they firstly married and now will eat in the room. He snatches the tray and takes it to the table. He makes a bite and asks if they are all fools who would miss such delicious food, then stuffs the bite in his mouth. Ananya’s eyes fill in tears. Kamal place a hand over Ananya’s head and says it’s his responsibility to take care of her happiness. He decides that she and Shiv will eat with him from now onwards. He invites Shiv to take a seat. Ananya happily serves them. Ketki and Sunanda watch this in astonishment. Ketki leaves. Sunanda wonders why her medicine no more affects Kamal, what power has overcome her Tantarvidya.

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Sher Singh tells Dai Maa he caught the guy, but he terrified him with his talk. Dai Maa asks to go to him.

Ananya and Shiv come upstairs. Ananya joyfully dances around while Shiv watches her intently. Ananya was thankful that her prayer has been answered today, and her father is on her side now. She lay on one bed while Shiv lays on another bed. Ananya says it seems to be magical, as if some fairy fixed everything. She was unsure if her father would accept him or not, but he behaved as if he doesn’t remember anything. Shiv wanted to speak to Ananya but she was on seventh sky. He thinks he can’t ruin her happiness. Ananya comes to sit beside Shiv and hugs him. Ketki was furious watching them together.
Sunanda tries a number but it was unreachable. Sunanda wonders where this man got lost. She thinks about sending a text to call her urgently. She then looks into the doll’s head for her tantric solution. There was a knock at the door. It was Ketki. She shouts at Sunanda for betraying her, she forgot that Sunanda was a mother who could die for Ananya. Sunanda is bringing the two together, and understands this is Sunanda’s revenge from her. She clarifies to Sunanda she won’t sit idle in any case. Sunanda silently lets Ketki leave, shuts the door and says it’s all because of Kamal. She won’t leave Kamal.

In the kitchen, Sunanda prepares her tantric solution once again. She says now Kamal must suffer with her solution.

Upstairs, Kamal was taking an order on phone. Ananya comes to him for a word. She asks Kamal if he told someone about Shiv’s satanic face, as he saw her. Kamal laughs that every wife thinks her husband is devilish. Even Sunanda thinks so. He says he has seen their love, and that’s the reason he accepted their wedding. Ananya wonders why her father doesn’t remember anything.

Dai Maa and Sher Singh reaches the young man. He sat in a room, tied with a chair, his face covered in mask. Sher Singh tries to wake him up from the sleep. He splashes a glass of water on his face but he still doesn’t open his eyes. Dai Maa stops Sher Singh. She says it seems he is an old known.

Kamal was in his shop. He receives calls from Sunanda but doesn’t pick them. Sunanda comes to the shop with the juice and asks why he doesn’t pick her call. She apologizes for her behavior and insists on him to take the juice, else she won’t leave. Kamal takes the glass and gulps it. He asks if he can now do her work. Shiv comes to the shop. Kamal was at once angry and furiously questions what Shiv wants. Shiv shuts the shop and locks it properly. Kamal angrily asks what this is about. Shiv removes his glasses and his Rudraksh, converting himself into a Satan once again. Kamal was terrified as his eyes turn black and his nails and teeth grow. He holds Kamal’s hands. Kamal’s eyes blink blue. Shiv instructs him to repeat, He is a good father along with a good husband, and he will never insult his mother and daughter because of his wife. Shiv turns to human once again. Kamal was left staring at him. Kamal drinks the rest of the juice

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Sher Singh beats the young man and inquires who he is. The young man was inquisitive who they are and why they brought him here. The boy says he is the son of Siya and Ram. The young boy recalls he met his mother’s friend when he was ten years old, she brought him up but never let him out of house. She told him about Devki Dai while her last breaths. He requests Sher Singh to let him go. There were flashes of past in front of Dai Maa’s eyes. Dai Maa takes the stick from Sher Singh and hits the young boy on head. He falls faint. She removes his face mask and cap.

It was night. Sunanda was waiting in her room when Kamal returns home. Sunanda stops him and demands her to rub oil on her feet. She is tired of working all day, his family has troubled her life; specially his mother. Kamal sits besides Sunanda and angrily throws the oil on floor. He forbids Sunanda say a single word against his mother. He won’t hear a single word against his family from her. Shiv stood outside. He recalls watching Sunanda prepare her solution.

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He had later replaced the glass of juice in the shop. He says he will now do the same to all her tricks each time. Kamal beats Sunanda after dragging her in the yard. Amma ji was happy watching this. Ananya comes home and protects Sunanda from him. She hugs Sunanda and takes her into the room. Shiv thinks Ananya is badly mistake but unconsciously. Mohini is a storm which intends to destroy her one day. In the room, Sunanda cries and says it seems someone was controlling her father today. Ananya wonders if Shiv is behind all this and runs out of the room. Sunanda wonders why her Vashikaran solution didn’t work on Kamal today.

In the room, Ananya asks Shiv if he is controlling her father. Shiv apologizes Ananya for not sharing with her. The day her father saw his Satanic face, he had a memory loss and repeated all the words he had said; he realized he can hypnotize people. He is sorry, as he didn’t know the matters would worsen so much. Ananya asks Shiv to promise that he won’t use his powers like this again, especially against her mother.

Shiv doesn’t shake her hand. Ananya place his hand over her head. Shiv tells Ananya he promises he won’t use any powers against her mother, but surely against the witch. Sunanda overheard their conversation and was startled, she wonders how Shiv knows about the witch. She hits a table around and this alerts Ananya and Shiv inside. Ananya calls who is there. Sunanda opens the door of their room. She says she was just passing by and heard them discuss about Witch; who is the witch, whom they were talking about. Shiv and Ananya look towards each other. Shiv silently thinks he knows Mohini has heard their conversation.

Sunanda silently thinks she heard the whole talk, but only needs to figure out if it was about her. Ananya whispers to Shiv, what about witch. Shiv thinks he can’t let Ananya tell Mohini about the witch. He silently wishes Ananya looks towards him, she doesn’t tell him anything and take care of the matter at least today. Ananya looks towards Shiv, then tells Sunanda they have hidden a huge matter from her.



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