Codes for Academic success

In Exploding failure in academics we will be analysing the seven alluring codes for sucess, This is actually a piece of work of art that is designed to stab all kinds of failure and career issues as it concerns academics.


This article is structured in such a way to suit the fundamentals of education and academic pursuit. The work has 7 headlines or tips of which has a lot to play, if success and excellence must be guaranteed.

Here are the seven codes for Academic success

  • Concentration
  • Diligence
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Prayer
  1. Concentration: This involves total submission to a particular thing. it also denotes mental attention or focus. Concentration has a lot to contribute in this discourse as well as in reading and understanding what to read. You will agree with me that when one opens a book of any kind (Magazine, Text books and newspapers) to read and lacks concentration, there is no doubt whatsoever that he would gain nothing at the end of the exercise.
  2. Diligence: Responsibility is not an affliction as many may think, it is to bring out the best in you. Never justify failure for it is mainly an opinion. Accept works as God’s gift and not an affliction or punishment. A productive mind is not by accident because successful people find daily significance in 24 hours progress. Diligence implies effort in what one does.
  3. Focus: This stands for paying attention and concentration towards a given goal and objective. It is very important to know that on the pathway of success, there are many distractions littering it, I have noticed that people who usually lose focus in anything they do in life do not reach the height of greatness, as they never specialize in any.
  4. Determination: As we talk about achieving the best in your academics and other endeavors of yours, we are just consolidating success on a bigger spectrum and that is the ability for you to succeed and make others successful. Success is incomplete without birthing successors. It is as important as life. Believe me, no one, no matter the race or color, would like to be identified with a failure.
  5. Courage: It is the quality that enables a person to control fear in the face of danger, pains, misfortune etc. In my own words, courage is the spirit that sees tomorrow’s glory in todays uprightness. When one is courageous, he stands out original, irrespective of his present adversities. This virtue referred to as courage doesn’t live in the regrets of yesterday and she is not afraid of tomorrow because she surely believed that she has today to work out plans for her tomorrow. A courageous man is a balanced man.
  6. Perseverance: The act of continuously doing something in spite of the difficulties, challenges, obstacles and failures you might encounter. Perseverance is as much important as any other tip in making success a priority. The most intricating thing about perseverance or persistence is that the longer you persist on a given task the more focused and equipped you become on the task you are after.
  7. Prayer: cutting across many regions and continents, you would here different people with different people with different perception of the word prayer. This is because every man has different understanding of it punctured by our diverse customs, norms and and tradition. Prayer is the means of communicating and fellowshipping with God


From this article we have been armed with weapons for life’s battle. You cannot actually win the war until you learn how to use them and use the properly. This means that there has to be an impregnable zeal and passion for them.

Concentration, diligence, focus , Determination, courage, perseverance and prayer are herein discussed as momentous condiments that spice up our destinies, without which sucess is piosed to be a herculean task.

I have just caught you at the top, only a few of us are here. Remain blessed.

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