Cardi B to women: “Buy him grass if he buys you flowers for Valentine”

American rapper Cardi B, has advised women to get gifts for their male partners this Valentine, though it has to be less that whatever he gifts her.

cardi b to women buy him grass if he buys you flowers for valentine

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. The day is observed by sending cards, gifts, and dating.

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Grammy award winning rapper, Cardi B, took to her Twitter page to speak on this year’s Valentine, as she stated that men also deserve to get gifts on the day.

She noted though, that the gift has to be cheaper than that the women are going to get.

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Cardi B wrote on Twitter;

Yes ! Men do deserve to get gift as well for Valentine’s Day,but the gift have to be less expensive then the girls gift . Soo if he buys you flowers you buy him grass.

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