Brawling At Pan-African Parliament As Members Fight for Presidency Post

Nigeria Breaking News, Today, Wednesday, 5th, May, 2021A dispute over who should be the president of the Pan-African Parliament on Monday ended with allegations of gender-based violence as members tussled.

At the height of the fight, South Africa’s Pemmy Majodina (ANC) vowed to lay charges of gender-based violence against Senegalese politician Djibril War.

Majodina said she was trying to stop a physical altercation between War and a member of the Zimbabwean delegation.

“I went in there to make peace, as I was trying to separate them. It was at that stage that I was attacked by honourable Djibril who is the chair of the rules, and he kicked me.” 

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In an interview with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), War denied intentionally kicking the South African MP (Member of Parliament).

“I had no intention of kicking her,” he said, adding that he was trying to kick a phone held by a Zimbabwean who was trying to take a picture of him.

War apologised to Majodina live on air, who in turn accepted the apology. 

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Video: War attempts to kick Majodina


At one point during the altercation, War also tried to drag Zimbabwe’s Barbara Rwodzi from the speakers’ podium, where she was protesting against the continuation of the vote.

MPs rushed to the centre of the platform, pulling him away. It was during this incident that War tried to kick another MP.

Video: Malema threatens to kill Malian MP


South Africa’s Julius Malema (EFF) who caused chaos when he threatened to kill another delegate last week, tried to play peacemaker. 

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“Let’s adjourn, call the AU to come speak to this… a man who beats a woman,” he said.

During the chaos, members of parliament continued to shout into their microphones.

“We’re being harassed by South Africans. An entire continent is being held hostage by South Africans.” 

The session was adjourned as MPs discussed the way forward.

Video: Two female MPs fight over ballot box

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