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Overview | Birdflux Forex Brokers

Birdflux is an automated investment platform that works with intelligent robots. The system is set up to work independently, the trading robots do all the work, they can analyse the cryptocurrency market to detect profitable Investment which are placed on behalf of the investors.

How it works

The testimonials from current investors with Birdflux are very encouraging. We observed that many people are making as much as $5,000 every day. We tested the algorithm and investment processes with our analytics tools and found out that Birdflux robots have an accuracy score of 92%. This is the reason why so many people are becoming very rich with the system.

The principle with which it works is simple. The intelligent robots work with a sophisticated algorithm to detect the best investment for users. These transactions are automatically done using funds deposited in the users’ account and a profit is always made.

Creating a Birdflux Account

Thankfully, we did not have any problems creating a new Birdflux account. This was the first indication that the auto Investment platform is legit.

  1. Registration

We know so many people will be using this report to start their first experience with auto trading robots for cryptocurrency, to make it easy for Users, we added a direct link- click here to register your account with Birdflux. A new Birdflux account can be opened in less than five minutes. It was that easy, the requirements are few; you will be prompted to enter a name for the account, an email address, and phone number and a password, then your account will be fully activated.

  1. Deposit

It is mandatory to have funds in an active Birdflux account before using the live trading feature. So you need to make a deposit. The site uses Cryptocurrency as it’s method of payment.

Important Features of Birdflux


We closely studied the payout system on Birdflux. We observed that it is fast and accurate. All the calculations were processed by the intelligent system. This is why many traders are using Birdflux because of its credibility and transparency.

Verification System

The verification system works excellently, it is important to verify user information for accuracy and to avoid issues when making a withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The withdrawal process is the most important feature on Birdflux because users should be able to get their funds quickly after making a profit. Thankfully, we can say that the Birdflux withdrawal process is fast and reliable.


Birdflux  runs with a transparent system. No evidence of hidden fees. After making a profit, the system takes a small percentage from only the profit. It is free to open a new account and make deposits.


This section on the site is dedicated to the reviews from current users. This is where we started, we read the testimonials and they are positive. At the end of our review and testing experience, we understand why so many people are impressed with Birdflux.

Customer Support

Birdflux offers all users 24/7 access to customer support. We think this is brilliant because people using the system in different time zones all over the world may need to contact customer support at any time.


How reliable is Birdflux?

We know that the success rate for all transactions on Birdflux is 92%; this means that the trading platform is very reliable.

Are there celebrity endorsements for Birdflux?

Not at the moment, celebrities hesitate to endorse financial products, and this is understandable. However, there are many satisfied users who are earning daily with Birdflux.

Are withdrawals done with Bitcoins?

Birdflux accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as at the time of launch but currently accepts only Bitcoin.

How can we confirm Birdflux affiliates?

We did not notice any prominent third party affiliates on the platform. However, any information about affiliates will be published on the official site.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used to make purchases and received as payment for goods or services. It is a virtual coin that is supported on the Blockchain, which makes the transactions decentralised and safe. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

How reliable is the withdrawal system?

Birdflux allows users to make withdrawals whenever they want, and withdrawal requests are processed in 24-hours, which is much quicker than many other auto trading cryptocurrency platforms.

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