Best Time To Look For Job In Nigeria

Waiting until you’re unemployed before seeking for new work is akin to waiting until you’ve lost your job before starting to save a portion of your income. It’s just not a smart idea to take it.



It’s best to start looking for work while you’re still employed. First and foremost, if you do receive an offer, you will be in a better position to negotiate a higher salary because your prospective employer will be aware that you already have a job and will be able to decline their offer if you are unhappy with it. It also alleviates the stress of being at home wondering how long it will take you to find work.

We tell new graduates all the time that the best time to start looking for a job is during their senior year.
Start talking to your job-seeking friends and your professional network. Many Nigerian undergraduates take part-time or full-time jobs while attending school, which may surprise you. Starting to apply for jobs, especially entry-level opportunities, in the last few months of your National Youth Service Corps service year is also a good idea. It’s important to remember that NYSC is not a job. As a result, it will be finished.

What kinds of jobs should you look into?
Is it reasonable for a recent Theatre Arts graduate to apply for the position of Head, Internal Audit at Zenith Bank, where applicants must have at least 7 years of experience? The answer is no, and the reasons are self-evident. It’s a job you’re not cut out for. Instead, when seeking for work, apply to locations where you know you’ll at the very least be invited for an interview.

You can’t continually applying for positions that you’re ineligible for and then be surprised when you’re not hired. For example, if you get a degree in mass communication from a Nigerian college,
When seeking for work, your Cv isn’t a joke – it’s the equivalent of an arrow to an archer for a job seeker. Unless you’re waiting for a miracle or a favor from a wealthy uncle, your chances of landing a good job are minimal if you don’t have a solid Cv.

Treat your Cv with care and respect; build it as if it were a home, with a strong foundation. It should be as small as feasible. Make it a perfect reflection of your professional experience, abilities, and achievements at all times.

Your Cv should not appear like a novel, regardless of how many years of experience you have or how many businesses you have worked with (with too many pages).

Employers are seeking for certain characteristics.
Employers are in the business of establishing a brand and assembling a workforce capable of delivering results, being trusted, and representing the brand in many roles. As a result, it’s no surprise that some recruitment processes are perceived as time-consuming. In some situations, potential applicants are subjected to a battery of tests, as well as a series of interviews and assessments.
The goal is to hire the best candidate possible. When it comes to hiring individuals for job openings, we’ve compiled a list of the top attributes employers look for. The interview and your Cv are two ways to assess some of the qualities stated before.

Keep an eye on your curriculum vitae.
When looking for work, your Cv is not a joke — a Cv is to a job seeker what an arrow is to an archer. If you don’t have a solid Cv, your odds of finding a good job are slim, unless you’re hoping for a miracle or a favor from a wealthy uncle.

Treat your Cv with respect and affection; construct it as if it were a home, with a solid foundation. Make it as small as possible. At all times, make it a perfect representation of your professional experience, capabilities, and accomplishments.

Regardless of how many years of experience you have or how many organizations you have worked with, your Cv should not look like a novel (with too many pages).

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