App to facilitate quick emergency medical services for accident victims

app to facilitate quick emergency medical services for accident victims

Application Suite to facilitate quick response by emergency medical services to accident victims has been introduced into the country. It is also a way to reduce the severity of injuries on crash victims, as they would have a better chance of recovery, or avoiding death, if they receive quick medical treatment at the scene of accidents.

Speaking at the launch in Ikeja, Lagos, the Chairman Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF), Dr. Deola Philips, represented by Pastor Emeka Eze, said with the development of the TCERA application suite would expand network of volunteer first responders and provide pre-hospital and emergency response in the country.

He further stated that the application would encourage partnership between Federal Road Safety Corps and medical emergency response team among other stakeholders in the sector.

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Eze explained that since TCIF inceptions the foundation has executed over 10,000 safety and emergency response projects directed towards various organized communities such as school children, teenagers, law enforcement officials, teachers, corporate organizations and many others.

He said also the foundation is vitally involved with increasing the awareness of the benefits of voluntary blood donors in its members nations.

Eze, however, noted that TCIF also organised basic emergency response training (BERT) programme, which trained emergency care traffic management and law emforcement officials as skilled first responders who can administer first aid resuscitate causalities evacuate and transport them properly to the hospital.

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He said: ‘This programme is on keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals 11 (SDG 11), which states, ‘make cities and human settlements inclusive safety and sustainability’”.

Senior Executive Officer Trauma Care International Foundation Dr. Olajumoke Akinsanya said the application would encourage child safety in the country as this would raise a generation of children who are aware of basic first aid and safety measures and who can recognize emergencies and respond appropriately to them.

She said the information is communicated to them through simple, easy to understand techniques as well as practical demonstrations.

She said: “This programme is in line with the SDG4, which focuses on quality education, including World Health Organisation’s (WHO)’s Child Environmental Health Programme and Global School Health Initiative. Each year thousands of children and their caregivers benefit from this programme. Beneficiaries cut across most developing countries as it has given birth to several strategic initiative such as TCIF Safety Clubs Secondary Schools and Every Teen-a-First Aider campaign.

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She said: “TCIF is committed to improve the health status and life expectancy of individuals in the country by promoting improvements in facility-based trauma care, providing support for national policies or trauma care and increasing local awareness on proper emergency response.”

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