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anarchy looms tofa

Are you planning to run for president in 2023?

Believe me, I hardly think of this issue. I just would not bother myself. If Allah wills that I will be, I will be. So, it’s up to Him. I am at peace with myself. I have no money to throw around, and I have no plan to sell anything for this, as I have no plan to steal anybody’s money. I am totally happy the way I am. Nigeria is my country, and I love to see it change for the better, under the right leader, from wherever he or she may be.

As s first class politician, what are the specific lapses in the cur- rent political arrangement as well as the likely solutions?

Honestly, I am not a first class politician. In fact, I am not even a typical politician. I adore frankness and truth and I like to say the truth, always, as I see things. I do not like sycophants and there are many of them around our leaders and misleading them. Some of our leaders do employ and train thugs. Some of them are thugs themselves. Our current politics is full of those. These disgraceful behaviours should not be tolerated in our body politics. We need to be a decent people deserving decent leaders.

But change cannot happen unless decent, qualified and suitable people join in and actively participate. I am disappointed when people who think they are better than others stay back and say “politics is for the rascals. We are a decent people.” This is an insult to the good people who are in politics doing what they can to change things. These so-called ‘decent people’, who stay away, are surely part of the problem. But there are many other suitable people who stay away because they see that only those with money will be considered by the parties, their leaders, as well as the electorate. Those are right. We have to do something about what- ever discourage such people from participating.

We certainly need to examine all these issues and more. We probably need another political party that has solutions to most of these problems, and which people will listen to and trust.

What is your view on age limit for those contesting political office as proposed by the National Assembly?

My view is, as long as you are healthy, alert and have fulfilled those conditions of suitability that I mentioned above, age should not even be mentioned. Age has nothing to do with integrity, patriotism, wisdom and intelligence. Look at United States President Joe Biden for ex- ample. And, both himself and Trump might be candidates in 2026 at the ages of 82 and 78 or thereabouts. Do not think age is a problem because you are a bit young now. One day soon, you will also be old!

Are you satisfied with the dominance of PDP and APC on the political scene?

Well, since they are the only two, and in government since 1999, and continue to be the only two, then dominance is just natural for them. It’s a gift by Nigerians. But, PDP is now cleverly possessing APC, and before the next election in 2023, there will only be PDPC parading as two parties. There is therefore a need for a real party of known responsible and decent patriots as soon as possible.

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