All Men Must Try To Do A DNA Test For Their Children At All Costs

Seriously with how some adultery women have been exposing to the public, it advisable for all men to do a DNA test for their children to avoid story that touch

man proposing to a woman

man proposing to a woman

Just imagine the case of my secondary school principal. I’ve forgotten his name.

He’s a school owner and also a pastor of one big church.

One day, his wife in the church told all congregation that she has done something terrible, out of conscious she wants to confess all that she’s been hiding from her husband (the pastor) for years.

I don’t know how old is my principal but roughly I would guess he’s around 60. His children are grown up even some are married with kids.

So this woman confesses that all their children didn’t belong to my principal.

The unfortunate part of this story is that this has affected the lifestyle of a man of God, he now engaged in smoking, drinking which has affected his brain and more irresponsible.

The wife departed and goes her own way but the man which is my principal doesn’t live his dream again.

According to what I have witnessed about how Nigerian Women can ruin your life as a man.

This has made me insist all men must try to do a DNA test for their children at all costs to avoid the story that touch.


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