After Checking JAMB Result What Next? See What To Do

Many JAMB candidates have been asking After checking JAMB result what next? That is what to do immediately they check their JAMB score, however am here to answer the question now!

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)

It is know more a news that scoring high in JAMB exam does not guarantee admission any more in Nigerian, Institutions, I have seen someone that scored 230 in JAMB and still failed to gain admission.

Here in this article am going to be sharing a lot of helpful tips that will help you in your admission journey, some of the tips am going to be dishing out will also include what to do after post UTME.

After Checking JAMB Result What Next?

Below are the major steps you need to take once you check your JAMB score, kindly take note of those steps one after another.

  1. Check your JAMB score and your choice of institution

The first thing you should do is to Check your JAMB score to know if you score high or low, Then check your choice of institution and their cut off mark to know if you score above the cut of point, if you do not score up to their cut of point you are not alone,

look for any institution that can accept your score and try and do change of institution.

  1. Check your choice of institution to know if they will write Post UTME this year

Check if the University, Polytechnic or college of education that you chose will write any screening examination, if they will start preparing immediately, never wait until the exam approach before you start reading.

3. Double your reading time

If you have been studying for 30 minute before this is the right time to start studying for 1hour or 1hour, 30 minutes, either you score high or low you need to start reading,

Because “the best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today”, even if you score lower than the cut off point do not worry it is never the end of the journey, you can still make it.

Never think of looking for who to upgrade your JAMB score for you because nothing like JAMB score upgrade, I have seen a lot of students that score low in JAMB that are looking for were to upgrade their JAMB score to 200,250 or 300 which is totally impossible!

  1. Research on your school fees and cost of everything that require money

Immediately after JAMB start searching for , school fees, acceptance fees, and cost off all you will need in school that require money, note all those things and get them down.

  1. Learn a Handwork/Skill

Either you score high in JAMB or low you need to learn one handwork or skill that can be fetching you some cash when you enter school, this will enable you to be self independent without having to wait for your parent always before you do anything that requires money.

Some of the handworks that you can learn as a student are:

  1. Barbing/Hairdressing: any of this handowork can be engaged by both male and female, once you learn the handwork and you rent a shop or you are staying in someone’s shop you will be making a lot of money after school.
  2. Web designing: learning how to design a professional website will really make you to be financial independent in school because you can do this work any were so far as you have laptop or smart phone.
  3. Typing and photocopying: Computer program such as learning Ms word, power point, Excel etc.

For Those that score low in JAMB

If you score below JAMB cut off mark do not worry, it is not end of the journey, you can still make if only you can start reading now.

For those that score above cut off mark

Congratulation, but did you know that the journey just start now! their is a lot of different obstacles on the way which post UTME screening exam is included, never loose hope,

Do not make mistake of preparing for post UTME late, the best time to start preparing for post UTME is immediatly after JAMB the next better time is today.

I wish you success as you join the admission race. Feel free to share this article to your friends on social medias.

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