A touch of love on glow tv, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

A touch of love on glow tv, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

Thapki lying unconscious. The water starts coming. Dhruv looks or her and thinks where did she go. He says everyone will worry if he calls her home. He finds her phone there and sees her sandals near the tank. Dhruv gets on the stool to see inside the tank. He gets shocked to see Thapki inside and calls her. He gets worried and recalls her words. Krishnakant and Shubh help an old man in picking his vegs and asks how did this happen.

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The man says a motor cycle man hit him. Krishnakant offers money. The man refuses to take. Krishnakant buys some vegs and tells Shubh that prayers of strangers and needy are good.

Dhruv jumps inside the tank and holds Thapki. He lifts her and makes her conscious. He asks her to hold the tank top and makes her stand on his shoulder. He sees her still semi conscious and they come out of the tank. He lifts her and takes her inside the home. Vasundara asks Suman and Rachna to prepare for the function. She gets shocked seeing Thapki. Dhruv says she was sinking in the tank. Suman and Rachna think how did water come. Vasundara rushes to Thapki and they pump out water from her stomach. Dhruv asks her to call doctor.

He says we will take her to hospital. Suman says doctor is coming. Dhruv asks Thapki to wake up and gets worried. She coughs and gets conscious.

Suman and Rachna worry of Vasundara. The doctor checks Thapki and Dhruv asks will she be fine. The doctor says you got the water pumped out on time, she is fine. Vasundara asks Thapki to take rest. She asks Dhruv to go and change. He says please mum, some time. She goes. Dhruv tells Thapki that he was worried and asks how did she reach there. Thapki tells him everything about getting butter milk needing zeera powder, and she slipped by oil. Vasundara brings haldi milk and asks Thapki to have it.

She apologizes and says bad incident happened here, why did you go there. Dhruv says I will say and tells her everything. Vasundara recalls Suman and Rachna being on terrace and lying to her about Thapki. She asks them not to go. Thapki asks Dhruv not to worry. Vasundara questions Suman and Rachna. Suman stammers while lying and Vasundara says her stammering shows she is the thief. Suman says plumber came and maybe Thapki fell by his mistake. Vasundara scolds them and asks them do they know who is she, she is this house’s…… guest….. will they do this with guest, now they will be punished. She asks them to come.

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She asks them to fill water for the entire house from outside. Suman asks why, the tank has water. Vasundara closes the tap of the tank and asks them to do the work. She says if anything happened to Thapki, she would have not left them. Dhruv helps Thapki and they have an eyelock. Mere bina mai…………..plays…………. They smile. She says she will leave now and thanks him for saving her. He says how can I let anything happen to you, you are my…..She looks at him.

Thapki and Dhruv having an eyelock. She thanks him and says she will leave. He says he can’t let anything happen to her, as she is his…. She asks what. He says I mean you are my colleague. She leaves. Mere bina mai………..plays…………… She comes back and says she has to strike head again. He laughs and they strike heads. She leaves. Vasundara prays to Lord and says she has chosen a girl for Dhruv, he will get a good wife, she has seen love in Dhruv’s life for Thapki, she will go to Thapki’s parents to ask for her hand for Dhruv.

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Bau ji comes and says Bihaan called and he reached on station with mum. She smiles and says she will prepare to welcome them well. Bihaan is shown. Bihaan brings his Dadi to a temple. She says she will take Prasad for everyone as they are going after many days. A guy sees Aditi and flirts with her. Aditi slaps him and asks how dare he held her hand. Bihaan asks Dadi to wait and holds Aditi’s hand along with that guy. She asks who is he now. He says he is Bihaan Pandey.

She asks him to leave her hand. He says hands are to shake, not leave. The guy asks how did he come in between. Bihaan says he is made by love. Aditi asks is he mad. Bihaan says he makes the lovers marry. He takes both of them. She asks is he mad, what is he doing. She gets Thapki’s call and says a mad guy is making her marry, and tells the temple address. Thapki is stunned and goes there.

Bihaan asks pandit to get them married, as they love each other. Aditi says whats this drama, I don’t know this guy. Bihaan asks why is she angry that she does not identify his lover, he has made 99 couples marry like this, they will be 100th couple. Thapki calls her and gets worried. Dadi says Bihaan is doing right, get married and then do love. Aditi asks who is he. Bihaan says she is my Dadi. Aditi says my sister is coming, you will know the truth. Thapki asks driver to take her to temple soon.

Aditi says she does not know the guy. Bihaan says don’t say this. Dadi scolds them and says Bihaan don’t leave them, get them married. Aditi asks the guy to tell him. The guy asks her to marry. Bihaan asks the guy to have some patience. He says he will do ghatbandhan. The pandit starts chanting the mantras. Aditi panics and asks him to leave her hand. Bihaan holds them and sits smiling joining their hands. Thapki is on the way.

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Suman and Rachna see Vasundara making the arrangements. They try to help and Vasundara laughs seeing Rachna’s face blackened by smoke. She leaves. Bau ji says he is missing Bihaan a lot and wants to hug him. Suman says I don’t know whats special in Bihaan. Rachna says keep quiet, if Vasundara hears them, she will not leave them. Bihaan is conducting Aditi’s marriage. Thapki asks driver to drive fast. Aditi shouts asking Bihaan to stop and the guy admits that he was just teasing her. Aditi scolds Bihaan for doing this mistake. Bihaan beats the guy for breaking his record. Aditi gets angry and leaves. Dadi says if she is like this, how will be her elder sister. Bihaan says if fate wants, he will meet her too.

Thapki comes and asks Aditi is she fine. Aditi says he was mad. Thapki says she will scold him. Aditi says she insulted him, no need to talk to him now. She takes Thapki and leaves. Bihaan takes Dadi and leaves by their side. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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